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Shreyash's Blog

Expression to Empowerment

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Expression is the most significant human capacity, isn't it? I mean that's excatly what differenties us from any other life on planet. Having the ability to voice our feelings, emotions, shift perspectives, redefine perfection, and philosophize human experiences is our prerogative. Since always, endless individuals have, through their writings, captured the essence of human experiences, both good and not so good. In the process, they contributed in giving new directions to our societies. It would be unfair to see ourselves in the same light as these individuals, but we can always aspire and play our part. 


Why do we write?

Expression to Empowerment!

From exposing the inefficiency of monarchy as the form of governance in the French Revolution, to sparkling the idea of liberty during the American Civil Rights Movement, to stirring a torrent of patriotism and freedom in the heart of every citizen Indian Independence Campaign, writers have played a significant role in moving the revolutionary ideas into transforming actions. Realizing the power of words and taking inspiration from the writers who are the movers and shakers of the society, we took an initiative to bring the most creative minds together and utilize the magical power of expression in leaving some positive influence and an indelible impression on the minds of our curious readers.

We are a family of percipient writers, whose each piece of art is like a welcome relief for anyone, sailing over life’s solemn boat, seeking direction to reach their destination. Their meaningful observation of life will definitely help you gain a clear vision about life and make the best out of most challenging times in your life. As our motto suggests ‘Expression to Empowerment!’ i.e we can feel through our collective vision of individual upliftment; transcending the limitation of time and space which separate us. Happy Reading!

My Story!

Must have spent hundreds of hours carefully handcrafting my stories and poems, writing articles on uncomfortable social issues and ongoing politics, but never found it as hard as writing a few lines about myself. Isn’t it the biggest irony? Most of us are experts on what's going on outside and have abundant comments on everything except ourselves. And nearly all of us struggle when it comes to honest self-examination. Anyways, let me try!

I’m Shreyash Sharma and I’m a student, not of any university but life. I study Economics and International Relations at City University of Hong Kong. However, there’re a plethora of things that excite me- Indian Politics, Geopolitics, History, Journalism, Literature -to name a few. For most of my life, I’ve been an autodidact. Since my schooling years, I’ve been terrible at math. Somehow I couldn’t establish a good equation with this subject. But you know the interesting part, I never abandoned this love-hate relationship with math, and here I’m pursuing a stream which has an overwhelmingly huge component of advanced calculus and tons of accounting. My only solace is my minor- International Relations  -which is a comfort zone I resort to whenever ‘math’ stares at me. 

I thoroughly enjoy reading and writing. I love writing, reading, and reflecting on almost every interesting thing in life. Literature is my favorite place to go to when I’m looking for an escape from reality. Sinking deeper and deeper into the writings of Premchand, Gurudev (Rabindranath Tagore), Sarojini Naidu, Mahadevi Verma, Henry Worthworth Longefellow, Oscar Wilde and so many others has had an amazing influence on me. Besides, history is something which connects me deeper with my roots, society, culture, civilization, and dharma. During the pandemic, like many, I too had a lot of time to turn inward and naturally focus myself, and started my personal blog. Soon this turned into a passion. I also write for City University of Hong Kong’s DiverCity Student Publication exercising my creative muscle to write stunning articles for my university. Starting this year, I started writing columns for a local Hindi newspaper ‘Satya Prakashit’ in Kanpur. Feel free to skim through my articles from the ‘publications’ section on my Linkedin profile. 

I started working from the age of 18, right after my plus two, as a JYEP (Junior Youth Empowerment Program) facilitator. My role was taking active participation in the community service initiatives such as serving at specially abled centers, old-age homes, and training teenagers with an aim to create an awareness and community service attitude in them. After that I started working as an ESL (English as a Secondary Language) trainer at a language institute in Lucknow. I’ve worked as an ESL and IELTS trainer for over 4 years now. My first encounter of a workplace was being the youngest employee and teaching adults effective communication. Over these years, I got the opportunity to help, literally hundreds of people improve their communication/presentation/interview skills, a lot of who were engineers, technocrats, scholars, bankers, medical professionals, UPSC aspirants, IELTS test takers, and master’s students.  I also help study abroad aspirants with personal statements, university essays and application procedure.

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Our Writers

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Tanya Srivastava (Headsperson)

Tanya Srivastava is a charismatic person and student at Spring Dale Group of Schools and a person of elite literary taste . Tanya shares dashboards with two websites namely Blabagape and Shreyash's blog and an enthusiastic writer at Vimukt Vichaar , news and analysis company. With a writing experience of less than two years Tanya received job offers from various blogging websites. Tanya has received job offers from TRODENCE ANALYTICS , Bangalore ; content writer at SPECSCART , Faridabad; and Content writer at TALENTSTACK CONSULTING PVT. LTD. , Delhi and various offers from megacities like Pune,Bangalore,Chandigarh and Mumbai. In a small period of time she has achieved various goodies , she received a memento at CULT THE CULTURAL SOCIETY NGO on 6th SEPT , 2018 ; for her write up on FEMINISM. 

Tanya being a social activist and environmentalist has taken part in several webinars of WORLD ANIMAL PROTECTION INDIA , and loves working and writing for the betterment of the people belonging to the lower strata o the economy . She has great taste in political and social issues with a sprinkle of feminist and argumentative issues too. She has been praised by artists like , AndrejC - A famous photographer and A.C. Salter - author of various fiction books . Tanya is also in the SCHOOL COUNCELLING COMMITTEE and has participated and won various merits in literary activities and MUN's . 

"In this world of falsehood, I try being a source of truth for those who are oblating their lives for it. One thing escorts, the days were tough and struggles hard; swollen eyebags and a plethora of time has been spent reaching here, but all that supported the mental health was my thought of :





- Tanya Srivastava  

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Aditi Dwivedi

Aditi Dwivedi is an Educationist, Personality Development coach and a profound writer. Her articles form an exciting mix of reality, imagination and a passion to inspire change. Driving by pragmatism, she strikes the right balance between ideal and real world to provide readers with extraordinary content bound to leave a mark. Her ability to touch people’s core with his insightful words make him an exceptional asset for the community which she is a part of.

Apart from this, she has over ten years of experience in the education sector and has closely observed the journey of a youth and tries to write such articles which can help them navigate through the crucial phase of teenage and make the best out of challenges that emerge. Confident of her skills, Aditi believes she would be able to contribute actively in inspiring the readers to take an initiative to make their lives better.

She strongly believes in the ideology that "Education is the tool you can use to bring a positive change in the world." 

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Samar Mirghani

Samar Mirghani is an enigmatic poet and an aspiring author who seeks to illustrate a world she wishes someone else had the intuitive to write about. She treats her inspiration as an unexpected guest who comes in times of need and assists in untying her knots to make sense of her surroundings. A glow getter, and a true believer that words have the power to heal ancient wounds. Samar aims to become the change rather than merely hoping for the world to change, and perhaps she will receive the privilege of encouraging souls to step up and speak their minds throughout her journey. She recently started to set healthy boundaries and demand her peace of mind. Check out her Instagram account @samar_mirg to get inspired on your next move.

“ I sincerely hope the dream you are seeking is meant to please your future self rather than impressing those who once failed you.”

– Samar Mirghani

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Sara Mirza

Sara Mirza is an avid person with a keen interest in writing. She completed her schooling in 2019 from Agra. Apart from that, she likes reading poetry and fancy fictions. She writes short fictional stories and musings. Her writings will impel you to imagine things and surroundings as per her views and will keep you intrigued.

Though being a science student, she never lost the love for literature and continued writing and reading. Besides, she loves watching cricket and even wants to be a sport columnist as she thinks both her interests meet in this field. She also have an interest in politics, human rights and culture and wishes to write articles on such topics too

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Shantanu Sharma

Shantanu Sharma is a young poet, writer and lyricist. His poems have the ability to sink into people’s hearts, bound to leave an indelible mark on one's personality. His ability to touch people’s core with his insightful words make him an exceptional asset for the community which he is a part of. Revolving around love, relationships and life, his work gives readers a chance to escape the disillusioned reality into a realm of imagination and comfort. His poetry is a welcome relief for anyone who sought for some peace of mind and change of mood.

Besides writing, Shantanu enjoys singing and socializing with new people. He is someone who cares for people who surround him and always tries to value their thoughts and emotions.

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Mayank Shukla

Mayank has completed his graduation and is working hard to fulfill his dreams. He believes that confidence and humbleness are the two qualities that a man should definitely possess. He is a fun loving person who knows how to handle situations maturely. Wherever he goes, he is always known for his works. Helping is not just a word for him, it has actually become his lifestyle. Be it a friend or a stranger, Mayank never fails to please a person. Anybody who know him, knows how much he love people and can do anything in order to bring a smile on someone's face. Apart from his social works, his indulgence in writing and reading was evident since a very young age and this hobby soon became his habit.

Writing, for him is simply thinking through his fingers. For his friends, he is a go-to person for all their problems, but for Mayank, a pen, paper and a cup of tea are his best friends. For him, life is not about Getting and Having, it is all about Giving and Being.

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Aadya Srivastava

A young skeptical mind with hopes for better society and a heart full of dreams. She believes in simplicity of life but at the same point she cannot sacrifice with the ethicist aspects of the life. Also, she is a writer who knows giving appropriate words to her inner thoughts and feelings. She firmly believes in the ideas of true love, soulmates and connection which are often portrayed in her poetries and blogs. Aadya is a true image of optimism and juvenile virtues. No matter how much storms she faces, they cannot effect her will power, her stability and above all her determination.
Even when she is facing challenges in her own life, if society, people, relatives or friends need help she is there for them.
Apart from this Aadya is very enthusiastic towards her approach for life. She lives every moment cheerfully and considers it as a grace of God.

She is always open to new friends and connections. Aadya is a person who knows how to balance the new and old parts of life perfectly; if she loves making new bonds then it's equally true that she cherishes and maintains the old-gold bonds. Besides these social aspects, Aadya is also focused for her studies and knows how to manage extra-curricular activities and studies very well. She has won school level as well as international level debate competitions proving her oration and researching skills.

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Darshika Sharma

Darshika is a young writer and content creator. She believes that simplicity reveals the magic in life. Inspired by the beauty of life around, she expresses her thoughts candidly and finds happiness in simple moments of life. She writes about various social issues and tries to interpret them from a fresh perspective, and gives readers a new outlook. Despite facing extremely traumatic situations in life, she hasn’t given her optimism and tries to find the light at the end of the dark tunnel and also, encourages others to do the same. She is an inspiration for all the girls out there who give in to circumstances and want to transform their life. She is bold, she is outspoken and fiercely ambitious and has a desire to bring a change.


Apart from writing she enjoys socializing, travelling, and gathering new experiences in life.

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Interested in writing for us, Email your articles to my team!

On behalf of all the writers of Shreyash
On behalf of all the writers of Shreyash

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© Shreyash Sharma

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