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This is not just a pronoun but also a very mighty expression, that exhibits vanity and haughtiness occasionally. When an individual postulates that he is the most authoritative and unparalleled, life can be full of thunderbolts. We perceive number of examples where this expression 'I' becomes the stumbling block. This is a hatchet for those who don't value team effort, solidarity and benevolence, so it's a stable belief of self exaggeration, manifested with imperative claims. Such a person is in the habit of belittling others with or without reasons, so he firmly holds the opinion that goodness is not the only way to achievements. However, he speculates dark strategies and may intimidate others to accomplish his desires, therefore, 'I' conveys arrogance, atrocity, temptation and the list is incessant. The individual can be very difficult, he could be extremely dominant, while an argument, he could be hotheaded and peevish and could persuade others, so eventually outsmarts others endeavors. 'I' factor has the potentiality to call into existence or to knock down everything that comes in path, hence it could be very menacing and treacherous.

Families, affinities, great bonds get annihilated when this hunch makes its way. Years of intimacy and fellowship go at stake, and one gets so much into it that he ceases to appraise relationships, fondest memories, and gets devoid of passion.

When he presumes that everyone salutes the rising sun, all perimeters could be intersected without reluctance. This expression falsifies candid opinions and counterfeits courage. When he gets flooded with non-virtuous notions and the uproar of ascendancy overpowers him, end is near since he gets sightless and can't see the perils approaching.

One must not be so occupied into the world of superficiality and shallowness that he couldn't foresee the shortcomings which could lead to ruination. Money can be the sixth sense, but if 'I' sets foot in companionship, family, intimacy and so much that one is blessed with, undoubtedly it would deteriorate everything. 'I' itself is so deserted that it could only bring forth loneliness! Henceforth, believe in 'WE,' and the world's subsistence would change with great bonds, unmatchable camaraderie, togetherness and impeccable vibrations and aura. Believe in the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. At last a simple quote;

"Be strong but not rude,

Be kind but not timid,

Be humble but not feeble,

Be proud but not arrogant!"


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