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Image by Leo Chane


The perplexing reality,

Drowns my heart,

The color red,

Which once was my favorite,

Now Haunts me to death.

I have been wondering,

From fearful mornings,

To the dazing nights,

The saga for tranquility,

Never ends.

The sunset point,

Which was once,

My heart whelmed,

Is now the broken red sky.

I do not know,

Where I belong?

And I do not know,

Where to keep this rage?

Which flows down in my veins,

Furiously shaking my soul.

Sometimes I wonder,

To hide it behind a smile,

Or keep it in the book,

Or just let it flow down the cheeks.

With every chapter I read,

I lose my favorite character,

Is it me or is the plot of life.

I wonder where it would lead,

Or I will end up again,

in the perplexing story.

The contradictory emotions,

Never leave my mind,

The silence in my soul,

Gets broken by,

The unsettling thunder.

I do not know what to do,

With this rage,

I do not know where to keep it.

-Mariyam Khan