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A Game of Chess!

If your life was a game of Chess, which you had to play against all the challenges life offers you, then here in this blog you will get to know about each play piece.

Your friends are the pawns in this game.

At the beginning of the game, pawns are not much valuable play pieces, but when it reaches the other part of the board they can be a very powerful play piece. Similarly in your life, true friends which stay with us in our most difficult times are very important, whereas many of them will leave you in the beginning.

Your intellect is the knight in the game.

The knight always moves around the other play pieces, and, if used strategically it can be really powerful. Similarly, in all the phases of your life, especially the challenging phases, your intellect will help you a lot.

Your intuitiveness is the bishop in this game.

The bishop has no restrictions in distance for each move but it's movement is limited. Similarly, having intuition is being open to the mysterious workings of your own mind, but the limitation is that through intuitions, you see what is or what might be clearly in your mind's eye so the intuitions might not be totally correct always. This fact has to be always kept in mind that just like the bishop, intuitiveness also has a limitation.

Your courage is the rook in this game.

Rooks play an important role in supporting the movement of all the other pieces, and are very effective in supporting the advance of other pieces. During the endgame, the rook helps us to cut off the opponent's king. Similarly, in your most difficult times courage will help you to eradicate the most difficult challenge from your life. It makes you strong enough to face all the hardships. You must have the courage of your convictions.Having courage gives you the tenacity to work through issues and disagreements without compromising on your principles. You should have the courage to follow your own heart and intuitions without getting affected by others' opinions.

You are the king in the game.

The king is the most powerful play piece. If the king gets trapped, you loose the game. The player always has to ensure its safety during the game. Continuous threats to the king will result in your failure. Similarly, in your life, your trust on your own potentials and capabilities is very important. Never loose your own self for any desire or under any difficult circumstances.

Your family is the queen in the game.

The queen has the most freedom and mobility on the chessboard. Queen is the most crucial chess piece which is needed to protect the king. Similarly, we will always need our family in all the phases of our life to support and protect us. While the world is becoming more modern and advanced, the importance of family remains the same. Your family gives you unconditional love and support which is needed in your life to deal with all the hardships.

"Hope you can learn these life lessons by looking at chess from this perspective!"

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