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A Journey Towards Love!

Many people say that love is a journey but I feel, no, love is the most beautiful destination.

What takes you towards love is;

"Connection, not commitment,

Attachment, not attraction,

Affection, not just fondness!"

Just loving to talk to someone and enjoying spending time with them is not loving that person. Love is when no matter you both talk or not, it sustains.

But most people never reach this destination, they think that that journey is love but it isn't. You can have a really long journey with someone and still end up being strangers. When you start feeling like you love someone, a portion of your heart gets reserved for that person and when you have to vacate it either because you can't have that person or because things didn't work out between both of you, that portion of your heart aches.

It's quiet outside but its screaming inside so that portion doesn't want the other parts to create any chaos. And now you know why you feel numb when you lose your love, because that portion of your heart silences all the other parts, as it already has a lot of things going inside it. The love portion of your heart (for that one person) can be created but not be destroyed. So once you fall in true love you will have someone in that portion of your heart always. You can replace people. Yes, I know I it's against those theories of love saying once you start loving the person can't be replaced ever but have you ever heard about Sylvina Jennifer? She loved a guy since she was 10 years old,

When they grew up, even their families wanted them to marry but the guy denied. They were friends and she always waited for him to fall in love with her. One day he messaged her that he wants to talk about something important and the next day while he was on his way to meet and "propose" her, his car met with a terrible accident and he died. She still loves him but also at the same time she is happily married. So does that mean she doesn't love her husband? No! Her husband replaced him. Yes it is possible! But no one can deny the fact that her love for the one she lost will never die.

And, here comes the point of second love. Can love happen twice? Yes, of course. Intensities may differ, but yes people can keep on getting replaced in that portion.

First love in most cases isn't your last love.

And what matters is your last love!

"That stage when you feel that this is the person who can't be replaced!"

-Aadya Srivastava


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