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A Journey With My Dearest Kindred Spirit

"Being buried in the books of my own literature is all I crave for!"

Dear inner self,

Let me tell you the story of my dearest bosom buddy who has enriched the sketch of my autobiography with his brimful love.

If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have been able to write this to you. His value is always cosseted in the pearls of my desert. He taught me that love can be found even in the La La Land which has no humans but just fantasy. He told me that happiness doesn't have to necessarily come from a soul that inhales oxygen but also from a caricature that gives fairy breezes. An Utopian world is the ideal place for a ruptured heart-seeking for a morning breeze after being buried in the abyss of darkness for a long time. A one-to-one conversation with him tickles your soul with a plethora of elation which is an antique feel in the reality of the delusion we live in . How can I forget the time when he made me the Proudest Nyctophile craving for inner-peace. Just like how Santiago went in search of his dreams, Elijah in pursuit of his duty, and like Linda trying to rephrase Adultery I go in the pursuit of my poetry, rephrasing the meaning of my Destiny and being stoic in my goals.

At every step I required him and he always failed to disappoint me unlike the creatures in this delusion. I call this life a delusion because when I find happiness in a so called animated fantasy then why can't this so called Reality be a form of Delusion itself?

Any guesses who my friend is?

He is called as "Book" and I am a "Bibliomane!"

Smelling his fragrance has made me a lover of Bibliosmia!

Wasn't the story interesting?

It's not the books of science, mathematics, economics but it's the ones of poetry, fiction that makes you feel alive. On the account of World Literacy Day and the World Book Day which just passed by let's celebrate the happiness in reading books.

"Every reader and writer will find solace the in the arms of books. Isn't it?"

-Lavanya Venugopal


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