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A Long Life Is A Blessing!

Life is the most beautiful present of the nature to every animist and individual. Life is not all about joy but sometimes we also need to face the hardships and obstacles that obstruct our path, and need to prove this mortal world that whatever happened and happens took place for a cause; and it is only we, the most developed creature on this geoid, the humans who have a solution to any such hindrance.

"The days that break us are the days that make us!" Well said! The nature, our reservoir, our life-zone responds in the most beautiful way, and lacerating it by extensively using adulterates is something which disturbs the smooth functioning of the ecosystems.

A long life is indeed a blessing. A longevity is not just meant to be long but also an idyllic, cherry and sympathetic one!

The infants born who are scribbled up by the mother, unaware of the skills to communicate, learn it slowly and slowly as a practitioner, and are molded from a messy and loopy toddler into a vibrant adolescent and then into a responsible and lustiest citizen. Death is not immortal or a way to attain salvation but keeping alive and helping a thousand people, is what true salvation is! People often misunderstand things and remain stupid and show that "true salvation" and "true enlightenment" as preached can only be attained by practicing strict austerity and penance, which is a wrong analogy. This is the advanced world and people adore hearing the most practical aspect behind anything rather than just at locusting ideologies. "True Enlightenment", "Moksha" or "Nirvana" can not only be achieved by strictly following its principals, but by being aware showing farsightedness and willingness to help others in the purest way and not expecting any vows in return .

In many houses I've been, sometimes being the only child of the parents, children at times get spoiled, getting everything by just demanding once makes them discourteous, rude and snobbish. They have a handful of friends to play with due to their impulsive and misbehaving nature. They are highly arrogant and are in a need to realize that their existence in this hallowed sphere would be impossible with the non-survival of their fellows and commorades. They should realize the fact that without people, without a community, a long and happy life cannot be acted upon. This is the "Law of Life!" People also mourn over their untimely decay. The basic law of land is that;

Tribe follows tribe and nation follows nation!

Regret is useless.

The time of decay might be distinct but it will surely come.

The obstacles are to overcome and not to mourn over.

NO one can be exempt from the common destiny.

Chill! Have fun and enjoy this funny thing called life we have been put in!

-Tanya Srivastava



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