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A Park Bench!

A park bench has more untold stories and secrets than you and me, don't you think? We can just sit there all day and lose ourselves in his world. Even a single lifespan won't be enough to listen to all of his stories.

He just stays there calm and cool where he is placed. Chilling with the trees planted around him, making fun comments with the other benches near him. Day or night, cold or warm, rain or storm he is just there observing everything.

In days he spends his time with people. At nights, he shares his stories with moon and stars. He never gets bored of drama ever. He sees action, love, comedy, emotions, romance everything. it's enticing to see how he transforms himself into something more feasible which matches people's minds.

If they feel alone he comforts them, giving a whole visual treat of the park peacefully. If they are happy he gives them company like a friend and celebrates it with them. He is sympathetically aware of his surroundings. Believe me, he experienced everything!

He has seen people who are emotionally broken beyond belief, decided to end their lives, and seen who decides to start over. Seen the most creatively crafted love proposals, waited eagerly for replies, and the most complicated romances. Seen children bringing magical worlds into life, adventures into reality.

Seen the grief of parents abandoned by their children staying alone on their own. Felt their tears but, melted by the love they had for their children even though they got thrown out. Seen homeless and sick people who didn't have a clue, what are they gonna do about dinner.

He is an encyclopedia of untold stories, thoughts, conversations, love, and hate. Even the greatest poets of this world can't describe the nuances of life this much, but he can!

Do you think you can put up with all that drama of this world as he did? If you can, if you feel like taking a walk in a park. Go and sit on that bench for a while and look around you.

Life has a huge crush on each and every one of us. Because, we can guess a million possibilities about it, but still, it impresses us with an unexpected situation hoping that we will love it someday, and one can never love his life, if he doesn't have the heart to explore his surroundings. This world is filled with stories, never miss them! That will help you to master life and if there is anyone who mastered life that should be him. A park bench!

-John Samuvel


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