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A Pole Star!

Unaltered and unadorned, we as humans are sent on this planet to impersonate characters and endow through out our existence so as to serve examples for one another by performing virtuous deeds; and to make this globe sustainable. I wonder how many of us truthfully do. Well I've been pondering for a long time on a mishappening that occurred lately when the nation got hebbie jebbies and was left in extreme misery, despair and lamented over the sorrowful demise of a well acclaimed and skilled actor. A great loss to the nation and innumerable followers are still stupefied and aghast. How can I pen down my emotions, I have been reasoning! There are numerous question marks, endless speculations and commotions all around; and to be very honest I'm not unscathed. Since the day, I learned about this affliction I got sleepless nights and an acute distress. I was never a movie addict but had watched few good works in which he performed. His magical appearance on screen, delightful smile, enthralling persona captivated millions hearts. He was not only an established actor but also an individual with an exquisite academic achievements. He was an ambidextrous, rarely one is born with such attributes. He came from a very conventional family, paved his way into the industry, started from a scratch, won laurels, made his territory proud and had facilitated in many noble causes; but had never made it public. He truly believed in doing good and casting it into river. I came to know a lot after he departed this life that made me feel intensely about the mysteries of this universe. He was into Astrophysics and had a great inquisitiveness for celestial bodies. This man was exceedingly industrious and had great goals to go for. He may have had people who envied him.

When you propel towards achievements you bump into pretentious people, enemies is disguise hence you may get incapacitated! This misery impels us to think can life be so incalculable? Having accomplished so much he left a colossal space for all his admirers. Whenever I follow through his exotic performances, in which I encounter the same virtuous smile, I can't help shedding tears. Ambiguous questions are hovering over such as Why?, How?, Who?, and the list is endless. The title A Pole Star! truly made me look upon him as the most beaming and incandescent star amongst the numberless stars. A heartfelt tribute to one of the most endearing talent who would always rule our hearts. Sushant Singh Rajput. I wish him serenity of soul, fulfillment and a distinctive place in heaven. At last a quote;

"Reality is subjective and it directly depends on your attention, and you attend to things that are relevant to you. Anything could be real if you just make it relevant!"

-Aditi Dwivedi


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