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Image by Leo Chane

A Prelude To Infatuation

Those who are attentive can find true fondness in the details.

Fortunately, I am a huge believer in this myth despite the countless efforts the current movies are trying to imprint in our subconscious. Getting us to imagine that our life purpose shall be fulfilled the second your heart’s wings starts flattering in a failed attempt to escape its ribcage as a reaction of glimpsing "the one". I happen to have a different perception. I would look for a much rational sign. The silence succeeding the chaos.

When a pair of eyes welcoming me home from a prolonged tiring life. When a smile emits consolation shimmers for all the silliness I had to endure on my own. When every decision is pardoned, every misplaced piece falls into its designated slot, and every word makes sense. When I recognize the effortless click during an intellectual exchange of divergence truth. By all means, when I am left with a rare nostalgic impression.

As I drive back home from the encounter, I would greet my revisited chaotic thoughts to inspect my memory thoroughly and figure whether the past hour has imparted me with the intended effect. Intoxicated with the possibility of having a positive answer to the following existential questions; Am I looking forward to having another go in speaking with you? Do I want to re-taste your vibe? Is my curiosity awareness stirred? Are you healthy for my unstable mood? Do I fit your need to establish a bond?

I too convinced that our existence depends on building a connection with the right ones. Regardless of how many accomplishments achieved and planning a handful of them on the way. Nothing could beat the unspoken aim we wish to acquire the most. To be truly understood and to be standing in the light of the ones who have also done the heavy labor themselves. Those who could relate to how hard it is to not entertain the thought of giving up on the future because they have invested the healing time as well to evolve rather than bypassing the pain through employing someone else’s life plan.

Those who refused to let their disappointment incidents turn into life regrets. They could see how we allowed the sorrow to fully consume our being for one night and wake up the next day with the resolution that we will overcome whatever we are facing, one task at a time. They have gained an understanding that the only way to heal is to endure the stinginess of the cure which brings me to admire the courage some represent in their context. Indirect exposure catches my explicit attention. Those who share their scars without disclosing them by revealing their real colours from the very beginning. Those who give you the feeling that they are playing the lead role in their own stories. Infatuation is meant for the semi-healed gladiators. No one has fully healed anyways.

"May 'true fondness' find you in the best version of yourself and may it inspires you on advancing further."

Eternal love and support,

-Samar Mirghani