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Image by Leo Chane

Amber Heart

Put on your shoes.

Ignore your demon’s excuse.

Straighten your blouse.

Get out of the house.

Make eye contact for the last time with your reflection.

Conquer those accusing eyes rejection.

You are on your way,

So no need for more delay.

You will make it to the finish line.

Show them the true meaning of divine.

They are practically dying to know,

How you managed to grow.

Despite their mocking and the misplaced closure,

You have earned back your composure.

Enjoyed the view of the bridges you have burned,

And somehow the tables have turned.

They are requesting their return.

Politely refuse in the face of the yearn.

Wish them the very best,

Which is why you are truly blessed.

You have come to realize that their best should not be on your expense.

They might take your peace of mind priority as an offense.

It is alright sugar. Don’t allow their emptiness have you destroyed, For stars are also surrounded by endless void.

Always bear in mind the vow you have pursued.

Might as well get it tattooed.