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Image by Leo Chane


To the fighter in me;

Who was there when you failed?

Who was there when you cried?

Who was there when you were broken?

Who was there when you were going through the storms?

Who was there when you sailed the harsh waves?

Who was there to wipe your tears?

It was none but Only You

When you thought you couldn't but it was you who did it all alone!

To my broken pieces;

Little by little you start picking up the pieces.

And you realize what you are making is a mirror

And the more pieces you put together, the more you see yourself.

To no more Apologies ;

If they have a wrong image of you let them have. No need to explain yourself to anyone. You were not born and raised to prove your right side to anyone in this world.

They all will notice your flaws. But they will never notice the right. They will never notice your struggle. They will never know the pain behind your bright smile.

So better Be You! And move on, people usually throw rocks at things that shine!

To unanswered questions;

There are some questions unanswered to my soul.

The answer to my pain,

The answer to my scars,

The answer to my heart,

The answer to my broken pieces.

To the voids in me;

There were pieces that I thought were fixed but everytime I go through the same path I realize some voids are never meant to be filled.

To the fuming rage;

Sometimes I wonder,

Where to keep the rage.

Behind the doors,