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Image by Leo Chane
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An Illusionistic Desideratum!

Is that what you need, or you just wanna show others you can also afford that?

Trying to show the person next door, you have something cool to look at.

Are you endeavoring to satisfy your soul or your ego?

Remember, if you are imitating this world, you are just an echo.

Chasing a lost gem that's gonna be a feather on my hat, you say.

But it's garbage, honey potting you to chase it blindly, wake up, hey!

If food only made to drive away hunger, then why there are people Still looking through the window not able to get it?

If there is a chance, humans will pack feelings too, saying they are gonna sell it.

Do you really need an overpriced bun for breakfast, cuz, someone said it's yummy?

Do you need a spaceship for a daily commute, won't you be looking like a dummy?

Do you need a 12GB ram to use Whats App for 12 hours?

Do you need a chop saw to cut those flowers?

Clothes are torn, humanity is gone.

Let me warn, in this business, you are just a pawn.

Your need is simple, yet you can't stay there, these temptations make you tremble.

Water, food, clothes, medicine, electronics, everything is business.

Try not to become a victim, cuz it's all illusions.

-John Samuvel