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Appearances Are Deceptive

-By Aditi Dwivedi

What is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular! This declaration truly asserts how ostentatious the world around us can be and how ignorantly we perceive everything. The globe is flooded with people who are dignified, aristocratic, affluent, and virtuous -but they pretend -and we believe because we tend to understand that is exaggerated, fabricated and misrepresented by the mighty elements. There can be endless examples of businesses and individuals who make money by duping the vulnerable class and extraction of profit is limitless. Why are we so vulnerable and conveniently made to believe that is just a deception. This can be a beauty cream, a bottle of wine or a coke, a magnificent five star restaurant, a demagogue, cluster of celebrities or any influential figure. In relationships too there can be endless examples where it can be perceived that people at times have many faces. They can be backstabbers, backbiters and can be completely unpredictable. An enemy in disguise! We never know who it can be, in this era of self-seeking, you can be surrounded by imposters who are a honey tongue, a heart of gall.

It's therefore imperative to wide open your eyes, and see what's triggering you, never overlook your own instinct, since it has a major role to play in our lives. Choose wisely and never let your emotions overpower self-worth and self-esteem, for it is important to visualise the consequences it could bring in future.

In a nutshell;

"Self-love is above everything, so stop chasing rainbows!"

-Aditi Dwivedi


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