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Are We Raising a Generation of Burned Out Children?

The term Burnout implies desecration caused due to platitudinous jobs which leads to complete exhaustion and weariness. Reminiscence of growing years are always cherished by us, hence, it must be brimming with exquisite and delightful notions. Well! It all depends on the kind of childhood one has assimilated and encountered. If a child gets a wholesome and healthy upbringing, he may flourish and thrive, and may win laurels for his generations. He may stride and pave the way for his achievements. On the contrary if he is rebuked, always expected to be the jack of all trades, it may lead to sabotaging his future, and the damage caused could be irreparable. It's an age of aggressive competition and if a child is always expected to be extraordinary, he may get into perturbed and unsettled state of mind. Off and on, it has been perceived that parents persuade kids to learn and perform miraculously in every sphere. We are to learn the fact that every child is different from the other, therefore, comparison and overestimating don't solve the purpose. There have been cases of suicidal attempts, disgruntled state of mind leads to heinous crime. Education system is meant to impart knowledge and lay emphasis on physical well-being, so as to prepare them for social awakening and how to face challenges. Unfortunately, at times teachers and parents fail to understand the fact that every child has a different adaptive mechanism and consistent repression can induce depression, anxiety and disruptive behavior. Several factors too are accountable for example; environmental challenges including family and financial issues, gender and racial discrimination, low self-esteem, body shaming, social media addiction, hormonal changes, insecurities etc. play a massive role. Heart wrenching suicide cases of medical and engineering aspirants in Kota, Rajasthan is a key question on the system of tutoring. Many students who entered in the world of learning ultimately perished into the darkness. Psychological concerns in young adults are on the rise, hence, a close vigilance is expected from the parents' end that they must not impose opinions, by all means they must comprehend the child's passion and pursuits.

"Comparison Kills."

This has to be kept in mind while over expecting from a child. The term juvenile delinquency refers to an offence committed by young people. Our progenies have been often victimized by certain poor socio-economic status, some are the sufferers of child abuse or any physical exploitation. Peer pressure plays a key role in inculcating criminal tendencies in juvenile. Spoiled brats of affluent families who are greatly impacted by Western civilization and are often tempted by exuberant lifestyle, get into committing obnoxious crime such as drug intakes, rape, eve teasing, stalking and even acid attacks. It gives us hebbie jebbies when we thumb through such barbarous acts. We need to unravel the fact what has gone wrong in the upbringing and nurturing, what has compelled the society to ponder over these facts. Well, the answer lies within us, we need to introspect and mend our ways.

Virtuousness and integrity have been abdicated by this generation that has transfigured humans into beasts. Juvenile delinquency has often been debated by psychologists, criminologists, and intellectuals having contrasting opinions. Some believe when a juvenile is subjected to physical punishment, family conflicts, stressful life conditions, school failure, unsuccessful love, obsession etc. it may push him to use illegitimate means to achieve his goals. Such juvenile offenders show aggression, antisocial behavior, low mental IQ and several mental challenges. Hence, judiciousness and a perspicacious aptitude should be fostered in our generations that can assist us in escalating an unimpeachable and guilt free community. Always remember this famous quote by Anton Chekhov,

"A good upbringing means not that you won't spill sauce on the table cloth, but that you won't notice it when someone else does!"

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