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Are you stressed up with extreme pressure and tension that 'life' offers you? Here's what to do!

In a world of changing scenario and losing the elixir of love, life seems all the more challenging. Pressure and stress surrounds us in a significant manner and we start to lose hope. It becomes all the more difficult to manage our own thoughts and emotions, which are the fundamental forces guiding human actions. This makes it all the more important to handle them well in order to make the best out of the opportunities which are bound to emerge in every challenging situation. And believe me, the best and the only way to give them a right direction, you ought to shift your perspective! It is all about perspective and your attitude towards a particular situation.

"And believe me it is not that difficult also to shift your perspective. Let's try right now!" Now let’s look at it from a different perspective. Here I’d like to make a natural allusion. Do you know what happens when you put a flower in your fist and exert extreme pressure on it? A perfumed and fragrant liquid comes out of it. Similarly, on exerting pressure on a fruit, a tasteful and sweet juice comes out of it. This is the magic of pressure, if you understand it’s purpose in your life. So, next time if you find yourself under burden or pressure, take it as an opportunity to outshine and own your field.

I want you to answer this question, tell me who deserves your love the most? You. Yes, read that again. You’re the first person who deserves to feel the warmth of your love.  A lot of us, amidst the chaos and uncertainty around, fail to prioritize ourselves. We try to be the best child, best parent, best spouse, best student, best guide, best friend, best peer and what not; but forget to put ourselves first and be the best selves or versions of us. And the reason for that is we are not loving ourselves sufficient. Let’s all accept and realize that self-love is an essential characteristic of a happy individual. Life is very short and very unpredictable, so stop being too harsh on yourself. In every situation of life, in both good and bad times do your best and seek contentment. Loving and accepting yourself, the way you are, even when are in the dark valley of life, acts as a reinforcement which leads to self-realization and high self-esteem. Self-love is not selfishness. It’s a humble act of returning love to our heart, soul or our inner self.

Just keep loving yourself:

-when you into the mirror.

-by giving self a warm hug at the end of each promising day.

-by embracing your breath and celebrating life, and remember;

"Self-love is not Selfishness!"

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