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Atmanirbhar Bharat PACKAGE !

The economy was and is in a state of paralysis and the government of India is leaving no stone unturned in rehabilitating the Indian economy. The government has proactively dealt with crisis, the opposition is constantly engaged in baseless theories. An approximate sum of 58 days of lockdown brought a slowdown in the economy, the current measures taken by the government will prove far use to boost the economy.

Some of the recent initiative and developments undertaken by the central government are listed below:

1.) India is expected to attract an investment of around US$ 100 BILLION in recreating the oil an gas infrastructures over the coming 5 years. 2.) The new agricultural export policy will help agricultural exports target of US$ 60 BILLION by year 2022. 3.) In India , ATAL INNOVATION MISSION ( AIM ), initiative of NITI Aayog, launched ATAL COMMUNITY INNOVATIVE CENTRE in unserved areas of the state . 4.) Indian government is aiming at spending 2.5% of its total GDP { GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT } by 2025 which currently is 1.28% of India's GDP. 5.) NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR TRANSFORMING INDIA [ NITI ] AAYOG, gave away a strategic document titled "STRATEGY FOR NEW INDIA" to help the country become a US$ 4 TRILLION ECONOMY by 2023 . 6.) Initiating 'MAKE IN INDIA' goods, by proposing 20 lakh crore package for rehabilitating "the Indian economy" making an "ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT."


May 12 , Atmanirbhar package of PRIME MINISTER NARENDRA MODI totaling 20 lakh crore and elaborated by FINANCE MINISTER , NIRMILA SITHARAMAN, has been liquidity driven , with less burden on the exchequer.

In response to the biggest economic crisis since 1979 triggered by the COVID 19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown days , one of the harshest in the world .

A chunk of centre's fiscal relief - Rs. 40,000 crore or 0.2% of GDP - has additional allocation to MANREGA and at par the budget estimate of Rs. 61,500 crore in the fifth and final tranche of the ATMANIBHAR PACKAGE announced by Sitharaman . The government also took this opportunity to re-establishing some of the old measures and push to new ones as in agricultural , public sector enterprises , which has been pending for long .


1.) ECONOMY - Brings quantum jump and not incremental changes . the main goal to make India a US$ 5 TRILLION ECONOMY by 2025. 2.) INFRASTRUCTURE - 'INDIA'S NOW IDENTITY.' To achieve the target of US $ 5 TRILLION ECONOMY ,more than INR 100 lakh crore will be invested in its development in India over the coming 5 years . 3.) VIBRANT DEMOGRAPHY - A competitive advantage for self reliant India .

4.) SYSTEMS - New tech-savvy devices based on the 21st century technology driven arrangements . 5.) DEMAND - To be utilized to its full capacity .