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Aura Reader!

I have always wanted to acquire a special power.

An ability to pass the boring hour.

This has always been a personal fascination.

Reading the lines behind the conversation.

I have been signalling the universe for over a decade.

Ideally, I received an upgrade.

My instincts reacting to the language of eyes.

The windows to their very disguise.

Keeping tabs to what shrugs their shoulders.

Preying in the shadows until they empty their folders.

All of these efforts taken,

So you would not stand forsaken.

I have recognized your blaze.

It stands out among all the clichés.

Don’t you ruin this by bringing up the most obvious subject.

Otherwise, I’m afraid I will have to eject.

Yes, my happiness is my liability.

I’m more concerned with our thoughts compatibility.

I would prefer it if you would tell me what is it that sets your vision afire?

Under whose influence does your spirit expire?

Let me guess your undercover addiction.

The one that you keep under strict restriction.

Describe the memory that forbids you from expressing your true emotions.

Do you subdue your extras with special potions?

Bare yourself to me, skin to bone.

A chat with me isn’t a comfort zone.

I would gladly take a sip of your bane.

If that is your price for a free rein.

From now on, I will treat your aura as the norm.

I’m afraid the rest of them are in a hopeless form.

There is no doubt that your aura is dripping honey.

I still think it is way too early for you to drop on one knee.

You have been wandering on your own,

But I’m not interested in sharing my misfit throne.

It is your turn to take a sip of my bane.

Do you still think it is worth the gain?

You go ahead and run for the hills.

I will work some more on my aura reading skills.

- Samar Mirghani


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