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Image by Leo Chane

Ball Game

We are on a football ground,

Wearing a blue jersey, playing at my hometown,

Our everything’s at stake because it’s the final round,

We are playing for our country but why my teammate’s shoulders are down,

Is it because we are losing from 0-1, and the atmosphere here’s profound.

It’s not like that we don’t have any talent or skill,

Get up buddy, its only half-time, and we can still win,

We just need to target their weakness and strengthen our will,

What if they’re trying to put us down by making penalties and fouls,

We are called the ‘A Team’, in tough situations we know how to fly above the dark clouds,

We know how to turn the game and nobody can get us down.

Now I have the ball for which I was waiting so anxiously,

While I am dribbling towards the goal, they’re pulling me purposely,

I’m doing everything right, and I’m playing like Lionel Messi,

I took a shot, and the ball was heading towards the goal fiercely,

The goal has been scored, and that moment for me was heavenly.

Now both the team scores are leveled,

Who will win is still a mystery!

We need just one goal for victory,

My teammate have the ball, he’s running towards the goal tirelessly,

‘Goal’ we all shouted, and we have made a history,

We won the finals, we defeated them dreadfully,

You just need to keep your hopes high, and you’ll win eventually.

-Vijit Tiwari


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