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Be lonely sometimes, it isn't bad!

I am on a journey, there's no one here except for me, my bike, and this nature.

I never enjoyed being lonely.

But now I wish, this loneliness I feel, should last a little bit longer.

Because, being alone lead me to peace and self-awakening.

The aroma of nature,

The rhythm of my bike engine that matches my heartbeat,

The breezy wind meddling with my face,

They soothe my soul and carry me into an enchanted realm that I never dreamt of!

The unclothed beauty of mountains covered by trees, awestruck my heart,

The water that steers through this mountain's veins comforts it from its loneliness.

It jumps from that top and falls, shattering into a million fractions, and collides with air, puts a Smile on that wilderness with seven different colors.

The wet muddy paths that I travel, along the curve, straight and bumpy roads that I face are complex but, I found that fascinating.

Why I didn't feel this way in my life? I questioned.

The unhurried rainfall that cleanses my mind,

The roaring sound of my bike that revs my heart,

The thrill of driving into the unknown territory,

It's a revelation.

Because I'm driving into the unknown wilderness of myself too.

The emotions that carved my life out of myself isn't here anymore,

I never knew loneliness could be this much addictive until I started my journey.

It's almost like a melody from heaven singing me to sleep as it sings, "Be lonely sometimes, it isn't bad"

Me, my bike, and this nature!

"Everyone's heart has a lonely part and we need it. Because the unknown wonders of this world are all lonely, and we can never discover them without experiencing loneliness."

-John Samuvel


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