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Being A Failure Yesterday, Can Make You A Winner Today!

Failure is difficult for anyone. But just because you failed in the past doesn't mean you're doomed in the present. The lessons you've learned from your epic fails can help you attain bigger wins today. With a dash of persistence and a splash of hard work, nothing is stopping you from turning your failure into a massive win.

We all are failures in our life at some or the other point. No one has ever published a book on how to be the perfect human being. And if they did someone really found a typo in it and we'd realized it was all Sham. Growing up adults love to play a comparison game with me. "Ananya, why can't you be a good and intelligent girl like?" So, till now, I have spent most of my life comparing with others and feeling like I am not just good enough. But eventually I realized that most of the parents and teachers play this comparison game with their children.

When will look at successful people around us we see their highlight reel. No one asks about your failure, they only want to learn from their wins. But if we ask them to share their failures they could do it quite easily too. But the truth is even the most successful people still fail today.

Failure is the greatest teacher. You can know yourself more deeply, by knowing what doesn't work. For an example; you published a book and it is not liked by many of the people that doesn't mean that you are not on the right track. Maybe the one topic you shared isn't right and you learn from those mistake. But if you still make progress on finding a solution to the topic at hand can be a great result for you. Giving up leads to failure. Mistakes do not. They instead take you to another part maybe a right one.

Failure teaches us a big lesson. It asks us to get up and do the thing again at which we failed. Fail means first attempt in learning. 'Fail' word is a beautiful path of success. And always remember failure is success if you learn something from it. Failure is very real, but it is not the end of your destination. You should try and try but never give up because one day you are going to achieve success. That is why it's said that "Being A Failure Yesterday, Can Make You A Winner Today." And remember;

"Fail means First Attempt In Learning!"

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