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Blame Game

"Please Stop! Stop! Don't do this! Let me go!" These phrases haven't echoed in the ears of the monster, haven't he thought once about her sister or mother before ripping her soul apart. He shut her mouth with all his masculine power but haven't her 'grunt' stopped him, maybe he was too eager to show her his masculinity, maybe he was proving her what everyone warned her about.

Yes, warned her about that some monsters roam freely searching for its prey to fulfill his lust and his adolescent hunger. This society alerts us before any step because we are the guardians of this Goddamn society, we have raised our standards but not our level of thinking. From imposing restrictions to being blamed for the things that we haven't done, the things of which we are the victims. This Society never fails to astonish us. From telling women that you are accountable for the things that come your way. We've always seen women as the sexist remark, from being responsible for the gender of the baby to a childless marriage. When I question you when we are going to change this. How many cases and deaths of Nirbhayas or how many Asifas do you want to change yourself, for how long we will keep on losing the daughters of this nation? Surely we don't deserve a society where we can't live with dignity. I no more can hear about rape cases, violating one gender, and I no longer want to listen hate speeches and comments by misogynist. No! No more!

Surprisingly we are a breed, outrageous breed. This generation outrages for a few moments and then goes back to couch and binge eating and drinking. Do you expect a change from a society where only they do a thing called 'blame game'. This blame game which has no end has deeply rooted in our minds where we forget our main motive is to get the culprit accountable and not fight over politics. Politics is and has always been a thing of debate it won't change ever, that is what it is based on. We have failed in every aspect of humanity. Be it the suicides of farmers or the rapists, one hangs himself in disparity and the other stays away even from bars. We are doomed for sure. Doesn't matter what class, color, creed and religion the victims belong, the victim deserves justice. Tell me what your 10+ Stories would do, it's ok to put but tell me have they really brought any change except igniting the blame game. The change that we want to see shall start from our home, we all know very well the change we want has to start from our home. Do not teach your daughters to fear from men, teach your sons how to behave. I fear to talk about women empowerment in the society where the condition of women is degrading day by day.

We have successfully failed in "Beti Bachao Beti Padhao", you may take it personally but if you still believe this then you should get your eyes and mind tested. We've failed in protecting the daughters of this nation, the nation named as Mother India has proven several times how allegedly it gives its daughters to death. We have been sorry several times, we have been outrageous several times and with a saddened heart I have to mention the rape cases have never came down.

To all the Nirbhayas, Asifas, Dr. Priyankas, Hansikas and to all the beautiful souls that departed. We are again standing in the same circle of blame game and we are ashamed. Everyone knows your story and everyone is outraged but we only want a change that is done by others. Sorry we have failed, my pen is bleeding now it does not know how to write more, how to ink more. We are sorry! I urge this society to come out of social media and have a real will to change things that you can. I understand your anger but the change that we want can't come with the blame game.

May all the departed souls rest in peace and find peace and dignity in the afterlife.

-Mariyam Khan


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