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Blood Is Thicker Than Water!

This set phrase elucidates the fact that our cognates and kinfolks stand by us resolutely in good and bad times. Family epitomizes togetherness, camaraderie and deep endearment. Doubtlessly, we can count on in undesired state of affairs. One can candidly share thoughts, skate on thin ice and can luxuriate life. Parents and siblings are the benedictions send by the Almighty, hence, family ties are the mightiest. The term water refers to the ones who are acquaintances, close friends and distant relatives with whom we assimilate, at times get very familiar and share proximity. Well! It's an irony that at times in darkest hours one doesn't get substantiated by the family who is unquestionably expected to come forward and help. This is the most trying time for any individual when he is forsaken and seeks aid from close friends who unpredictably help, can be called as Salvadors.

When monetary subjects are raised then blood often gets converted into water since money becomes the sixth sense. Bondings, affection, relationships are jeopardized when lust sets it's foot in. Materialistic acquisition leads to envy and displeasure in relationships, hence, the concept of joint families no longer exists, however, few exceptions sustain. When huge disagreements and rivalry, families result in dissociation and homicide, compel us to think that is really blood thicker than water? Another precedent could be cases of honour killing where off-springs are brutally slayed by their own parents and agnates. Love marriages are not accepted in conservative families where orthodoxy prevails. Perhaps some situations result in barbarism and extermination, therefore, in this world full of ruthlessness and atrocity, relationships are put to test time and again. At last a quote;

"They say blood is thicker than water but I say ice can be more solid than blood when times get cold!"

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