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Body?... Fashion?

This world is dependent on women in plethora of ways. A world cannot be imagined without the womb that bears us before birth and has a greater influence in the earlier stages of a child's life. The different phases of society are relative to the phases of women's character and conducts! The beauty of all women can never be compared to any such thing that can match her competence for even 1%.

The nature and women both, when decide to set stage on fire, they completely rock it! The women irrespective of their religious sects and communal differences, have right to facilitate themselves with beauty and accessories. But, an unfortunate situation that has started to pop up in the world is that of a 'Wrong Dressing Sense' more precisely, an odd dressing style which at times looks horrible. Depicting and outshining your body parts to the world does not truly make you beautiful. I have seen a lot many girls, even women, wearing clothes which are ''so decent'' that they do "not" disturb the proximity (being a bit sarcastic here). Clicking pictures for social media with different angles and wearing dresses that are embodiment of grace (according to them) are so pleasing to people's eyes that they are At Times Disturbing!

This fashion nostalgia is increasing every day and the society is not paying attention towards this growing 'Curse,' we have been bestowed on with. A decade before I can say there was something I can call "A Good Fashion Sense!" Depicting body parts in the name of fashion is a work for which people need to be Well Appreciated! I mean just look at the way, the way they have set their minds, that this is a standard of beauty that will make people fall for us and there will be a huge rush of fans, yes FANS (you can relate what I mean), like Wow! Padma Shri!

People do not think this and that of things and go on dressing disturbing the proximity. This is an alarm, and we need to take bold steps towards it. Want to be looked at but not to be touched at! Want to stand with candles but not to know the problem behind the scenarios. Again a Noble Prize to you! I'm not trying to condone that nobody has anything to do with touching someone, but if you can Blame men of committing discrete crime like ra**, I think you can also take a moment out and learn what proximity is?

It's not to restrict a women but there must be a social consciousness and again men and women are not two different species they are one, if they don't learn how to adjust with each other, this world will become a battleground! All we want is a fight over wrong allegations and not to know the facts. It's going to be a bad future, if we don't address these problems; I scare that maybe a time comes where we won't keep ourselves in our limit and the garments shops will be soon closed! So, the best fashion would be one which makes a women look beautiful rather than HORRIBLE!

-Tanya Srivastava


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