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Can You Make It, On This Cold, Rainy Night?

It's past midnight, and it seems this rain isn't gonna stop anytime soon. Never in my worst nightmare, I dreamt this could happen but, here I am, this is happening.

I wonder why all of a sudden, these clouds are melting themselves, drenching this city, and hugging everyone's soul with cold hands. I always considered rainy nights as a bad sign, cuz they hold a Guinness record for leaving me with a cold heart every time we meet.

But tonight, I feel different cuz, I can feel the love that flows through my heart, which is keeping my heart warm, on this cold, rainy night.

Autumn is already gone, and winter is killing me every day. Why did she leave a message after 5 years? Why now? I already fell in the last season. So, I am not planning to do that again.

I should have slept on my couch, watching Netflix. But here I am, on this road getting soaked in the rain, which is unraveling the scars that I left behind a long time ago and praying to God that this rush hour should leave me intact. Yeah, I meant my adrenaline rush.

The address that she sent me is the same park where we said adios to each other 5 years ago. If I wanna get there soon, I should get out, park my bike somewhere, and run.

I ran like never before, felt that same old love, which kept me high all this time. Memories flashed before my eyes. This rain is crashing my mind, saying all these are lies. Still, I picked up some flowers on the way, cuz, I thought I am being wise.

I reached that park adjusting my hair. She was there, the rain didn't leave her also. She was drenched, sitting on a bench, watching the raindrops that're falling on a flower. Every drop that fell on that flower's fetal added more beauty to it. But, none was able to stay within that flower. She knows that even if that drop stays, it will be a one-night stand, and it will fade away when the sun makes its way to this land.

I didn't know how to start. I said, "hey." She stood up and said nothing.

We were staring, gazing into each other's eyes. The rain started pouring in. I held her face. Like raindrops flew through that leaves, her lips touched mine. We both are tripping in that rain, sipping wine. We smiled, and the rain stopped, finally placing a drop in that flower, and the stars came back again, questioning, can you make it, on this cold, rainy night?

- John Samuvel


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