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Image by Leo Chane

Captivating Devotee

Here I shall stand-in.

Holding up my chin.

I’m planting in my roots here,

In the face of my fear.

I’m sensing your light in my horizon distance.

A devoting power to reclaim my existence.

But what will I do?

When I’m no longer your new.

You give me an illusion.

You’re my war of confusion.

I can’t, I won’t, I shan’t.

You are altering my visions,

And my life decisions.

Angels are dropping now.

Picking up my fallen pieces.

Hiding in my caprices.

Will they survive you too?

Will you be kind and hand in the clue?

Will they be brave and bear the truth?

Will you be there and ignite my youth?

Can you sense when the angels sigh?

They shoot stars at the night sky.

They have been loved and found.

They had to depart the ground.

But they won’t set me free.

Even if you said the three.