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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

The correct definition for Personal Development is that it involves the process of understanding our aim or aspirations and should have the potential to satisfy that dream to attain something in our life, which we like. "Before judging others we should look at ourselves" this phrase tells us that we should first look at ourselves that what are we or at what position are we? For an example if I got 78 marks in my maths test out of 90, Now it is upon me that do I have the potential to get full marks 90 out of 90. If yes, then it is Mr who is concerned to drawl for full marks by making strategies on how to work for it.

Now moving to the first stage of personal development that is 'Ambition'. Ambition actually means a strong desire to do or to achieve success. Ambition serve as an ultimate source of a blissful longevity. It's like the dawning sun that keeps on sprouting more and more like the leaving rays but just after the sunset it all dark. Similarly, when we grow a teen we get overburdened by society expectations and get inadequate with our ambitions. As I give my example, I had a dream of becoming a celebrity when young but as I grew up I realized that the community will not accept my ambition so by coming till my teenage I choose a fewtable dream which was up to the societies norms. But their are a few people who regardless of society's taunt, work for dreams and yes! they do succeed. Their struggle make sense one day! This is the true meaning of an ambitious person.

Now moving to the second stage of personal development, 'Passion'. Passion is the energy which keeps us going after the dream which we have chosen for ourselves. So here a few lines by me which will explain on what true passion means. So, the lines are " suppose a person gives me on lakh rupee for a job, but if I am not interested in such a job then I'll get bored in a very few days but on the otherhand if any person will give me a small amount of money and if I am interested in that job then money does not matter too because I have a kind of interest of passion in it". Passion is all about concentration in our aspiration. If we have passion in the job offer to us we will work for it dedicatedly even if paid less.

Now the last stage of personal development is "Pursuing". The definition which fits for the word for swing is to satisfy our aim and get victorious in it. Like, as I had a dream of dancing or becoming a successful choreographer.

Now as all the three stages are completed and we get to know that we have attain something so this is a kind of personal development which a person can practice from his childhood. So, once again personal development means investing in yourself so that you can manage yourself efficiently, regardless of what life my thing in your way. and it is really vital in a person's-- growth, success and fulfillment.


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