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Coffee And Alarms

The day starts with Mom putting boiled eggs, bread and almost boiling coffee on the table for breakfast. Coffee is too hot for me as always. And running late on time, after missing the alarms and regretting it, as usual, Dad cools it for me by pouring it into another cup, then again in the first cup and repeating until I finished the breakfast. The coffee now has the perfect temperature for me to drink it. Dad has been doing this for me since my childhood.

The day ends too with coffee and a 20-30 minutes of family time. Everyone discuss how their day went and next day plans. But that night I had some different plans, that I didn't revealed. Dad cools the coffee again for me. We all finish it and went to sleep.

The next morning I wake up before the sun, took my necessary documents and belongings and flee with my boyfriend who belonged to a cast, my family won't ever allow me to marry in. We left the city and went to our new house, in the new city. We have been investing in it from the past five years. Regret is there in our hearts, but not that much. The day was tiring, we ordered food, ate and consoled each other that it's okay to think about only yourself sometimes. I was about to sleep that he turned up with two cups of hot coffee. "It's too hot!" I said. "Keep it there for 5 minutes, it will be normal." he said. He didn't cool it for me. "This time Dad too isn't here." I muttered and sighed. This is the worst feeling I have ever had in my whole life. I put the mug on the stool beside my bed. He finished his coffee, kissed my forehead and said, "Goodnight! Sleep well. It's our wedding tomorrow."

My coffee is cool now but that perfect temperature is missing. I didn't drink it and turned my face away from the coffee mug, but I am not able to turn it away from my conscience and soul. There is something other than caffeine that is keeping me awake. After sometime, I turned around, my hand inadvertently hit the coffee mug. It broke with a creaking sound and sloshing the coffee all over the floor. I woke up on tenterhooks. It was 8AM in the morning. I planned to leave the house at 4AM. I found my alarms missed again. Dad came in my room. Seeing my documents on the table asked, "What are they doing here? Keep them in the file. Anyways get ready. You are late already. I am cooling the coffee." It was the first time in my life, I didn't regret missing my alarms.

-Sara Mirza


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