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Crying Clouds

"It's a record of 19 years! It always rains on my birthday. I take it as a blessing of God. He loves me the most, I'm telling you," He told me on his 19th birthday, having that shine and spark in his eyes that stars would fail in front of them. I, in the very moment, fell for him and his deep brown eyes. I loved seeing him having his head in the clouds. I too liked to live in his fantasy world.

I remember, some months later he told me that it always rains when he cries except on his birthday. "The clouds send me their blessings on my birthday and cries with me whenever I'm sad. I have a special connection with rains and clouds," He continued. I thought he was over vaunting so I just kept looking into his hazel eyes, with a slight smile on my face.

Some days later, eventually, we had a really bad fight. I slandered him way too much which I later realized I shouldn't have done. We fought and stopped talking. It started raining immediately and I couldn't believe that because I knew that he too was crying at that moment. After some time I video called him to apologize and sort things out, and saw his eyes were so red. It seemed they have just erupted like a volcano some minutes before. He must have cried hard. We both talked through it and apologized to each other and ended the fight. The flummoxing phenomenon of raining whenever he cried continued, so did our relationship.

A month before his 20th birthday, his brother met an accident. He wasn't hurt too much though. Just a trivial hair-line fracture and some bruises. Doctor too said that he'll recover in less than 20 days. But God had some other plans. His brother got some infection which grew so much that it ended up eating his whole body in less than 20 days.

On his brother's funeral, I remember, he told me that he no more believes in God and airy-fairy concepts.

Yesterday, it was his 20th birthday, but there was no sign of rainfall. I was waiting for clouds to just pour some drops but it didn't. I waited till 12 midnight, until his birthday ended but it didn't happen. Today, we met. Both of us were silent and in an urgency to break that silence I asked him, "So, it didn't rain yesterday! The record has been broken." Immediately after saying that, I regretted. He turned his face to me, gave me a penitent look and smiled awkwardly, hiding the amount of pain in his tiny eyes that even a loading truck couldn't ever carry. He was still smiling but the clouds started crying.

-Sara Mirza


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