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Delhi or Dalhi!

Almost a year has passed, I had a break from studies, while most of my batchmates have completed almost a semester of their college! Nothing has changed except for a series of unpredictably insane events, which have proved to be a roller coaster ride of my life; throwing me out of the comfort zone of my plans at the exposed reality of the unknown. Well! Most of my friends migrated to Delhi (so-called educational hub turning political playground) to continue their further education, in view of the limited options available anywhere else in India to accommodate that huge mass of mostly confused creatures. It’s no surprise that students from outstations face huge transitions in every sphere of their life while adjusting at a completely new place, and unfortunately forget their originality. That introduction to a cosmopolitan environment, late night clubs, pubs, a world of pretension, contracted social circles, an acquired fake accent and a resentful attitude to consider giving politically incorrect statements as fashion, leaves them stunt. And that’s when their journey to become a Delhiiate starts.

Why am I writing all this? I don’t know, I guess I’m also a little confused about this one! It’s just an observation I came across when I met my batchmates recently who came back after completing almost six long months at this emotionally demanding place. I observed that they were not the same or maybe it’s just my hangover of not following a student routine for months. Whatever it may be, but I couldn’t resist penning down the surprising changes which came in my friends ever since they settled in this strange place. I just couldn’t get those same vibes from my friends as if they were not looking at me with the same eyes, as if I didn’t qualify their level of intellect, as if I was an old-fashioned, passable person, not wise enough to match their level of dualistic conversations! I don’t know! I just didn’t feel that warm company where I used to feel fulfilled and excited. It happened for the very first time that I couldn’t be just myself in front of my friends, it happened for the first time that I had to pretend in front of my friends, and this saddened me. Their gestures changed, their perception changed, their discussion topics changed. They were not the same! They criticised their own hometown, their own society, their own friends, their own teachers, surprisingly their own parents, forgetting that they are what they are because of their originality. They mocked their own roots claiming, how fool their own people are, how vague those practices were, which made them secure a place at a completely unknown place! Suddenly, all they were, all they had became obnoxious. Suddenly, they forgot their roots, forgot where they come from. Suddenly, CCD overshadowed our ‘kulfi vale bhaiya’ (ice-cream seller), frequency of f***s became the medium of giving ‘the cool’ certificates to people, losing virginity quicker than others became the new success race, more breakup stories decided how better a relationship coach you can be, to guide others how to handle theirs’, a fake accent decided how modern you are!

Suddenly, Delhi became Dalhi! Suddenly, they had changed!


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