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Image by Leo Chane

Don't Give Up On Everyone

Hey! You, yes you!

You're not okay right? You tried to pretend for a long time, but now you are tired of pretending also so you are trying to stay away...aloof....from everyone. By the way, it kind of feels safe and secure? Isn't it? Like, no one's close to you anymore so no one can hurt you. You're all safe. But do you know who's hurting you the most? At the end of the day, it's you...yes, You!

Giving up on all the humans out there is not good .It seems perfect but it isn't!

I know some people left you and you too had to leave some people.

And ya! Just to hype you up, I won't say that you were always right. You were wrong, you made mistakes and you did say certain things which did offend them a lot. You regret all those things and you think that if those things didn't happen you would still be happy with them.

But trust me, things didn't end because of your mistakes but because the relations weren't strong enough to forgive them. Those people who left you, chose your mistakes over you. If the relation was strong enough, it would have proved it by going through all the ups and downs, but it didn't. It ended. So just leave it!

Don't miss them so much. Missing them won't bring them back and even if you bring them back in your life you wouldn't get that version of them which you were missing. Things won't be the same again.

And don't, just don't stop exploring people. Don't start to love being alone. It's not okay to not be okay. Life has a lot more to offer, many beautiful people, beautiful souls and beautiful experiences which you deserve.

At the end of the day, your soul isn't okay alone. It shouts, it yells, it screams and I know it pains when you miss the people you lost. Many things remind you of them but it's fine. One day everyone you lost will be replaced by new people and your life will be beautiful again (only if you allow things to change).

You're hurt, I know. This is not what you deserve but this doesn't mean you will stop striving for what you deserve! You will find people who will treat you right. You just need to believe!

And yes, when these things happened in your social life they affected your academics way too much? Isn't it? You couldn't fulfill your parents expectations in fact not even your expectations. You regret it? Right? Listen, you lost people and you might not get them back ever but you can improve your grades and achieve all you want. Don't stop making efforts. I know things went wrong with you but achievements always make you happy. Do it for yourself. Love yourself, take care of yourself but amidst all this remember that you have to love people as well! I know the world is full of people who are gonna hurt you but still don't stop exploring the souls.

"One day you will find the perfect ones!"

Lots of love! ❤️

-Aadya Srivastava