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"How could Jess say that? "

"She's just 4 years old. Didn't you teach her not to say family things to other people? She totally ruined our name," Dad said. "Oh really! Then you should've listened when I told you not to shout in front of her. You should've kept it low. Now everyone in her school knows," Mom replied.

"How can I keep quiet when you were talking abusively about my father? If I talk about yours, you will know."

"Don't you dare, drag my family into your mess. You failed in your career, got fed up and showed your anger at us. Now, I am the one to blame!"

Jess entered the room weeping, and they both stopped shouting.

"Mom, I think, the bogeyman is here to get me. I'm scared. Did he come to get you also? Cuz, I heard a noise while sleeping."

"No sweetie, no one is here. It's just a dream. Do you have that Dreamcatcher Dad gave you?"


"Then you will be fine. That will catch all the bad dreams and only good dreams will find it's way into your head. Okay! It's time for bed, come with me."

Mom tucked her in and kissed her good night. That night was darker than it ever was for Jess. The dreamcatcher was swirling in the wind. That darkness faded and the sun found it's way back home. The next day was a Sunday and they all packed up to see her grandma who lives out of town in a beach house, taking care of their family properties.

She was excited to go with her mom and dad. She packed all the toys with her and took that dreamcatcher with her. She sat in the front seat and didn't let her mom sit with her. "Baby! why are you not letting me sit in the front? It's not good for children to sit there. You should come back," Mom asked.

"No, I won't mom, I like this. Please don't make me sit in the back."

Dad convinced mom to allow Jess to sit in the front seat. Mom was upset. After an hour they both calmed down and they were driving across those country roads where Jess got to see the elegance of nature. She was fascinated. She named every cloud she saw along the way. They reached her grandmother's home.

She got down from the car and ran to her grandma and gave her a tight hug. Grandma welcomed them and she gave Jess chocolates. After lunch, they went to the beach. Mom and dad were sitting together and talking. While they were, Jess came in and interrupted. Mom got angry and shouted, "Go and play with the other children, why are you here? Why are you not letting me talk with your Dad? Go now, or you will be grounded." Jess left, her face was unhappy. Grandma came and sat next to dad and asked, "What's happening here? Why are you yelling at Jess? Did she do anything wrong?"

Dad replied, "No mom."

"No! I don't believe it. There's something off between you two. Just say it."

Mom started talking,

Aunt, a day before yesterday, we had a fight and we weren't ourselves. We kind of shouted and Jess saw it. But the next day, during her online class she told it to her teacher, in front of everyone. "What did she tell?"

She told, "my mom and dad are, fighting. They are throwing things at each other. They are not caring for each other." And she thinks bogeyman got to us that's why we are acting weird. "Haha, she is a clever kid."

"What! She told that in front of everyone. We were embarrassed. She's acting weird, she's not even letting me talk to my husband. I don't know how to make her understand."

Grandma replied, "You don't know how to make her understand? Really? You are the ones who need understanding. You have to understand her feelings. She cares for you both. She wants you to love her. She wants you to live happily."

You know why she always comes in between you and your husband. Cuz, she's afraid that you both will fight again, you both will cry and that will make her sad. Just remember, maybe they are little children but they observe everything we do.

"What did you say she made you feel embarrassed? Yeah you should be, you both should be ashamed of yourselves for putting that child in this situation." Grandma knows everything, Jess calls me every day. "Do you know that? She cried because of you. Go and talk to her. Tell her you are not gonna fight again and you better not. Grandma is watching you." The sun was setting and painted the sky in a different color. Waves were raising and the emotions too. Dad and mom were speechless, tears in their eyes. They went to Jess and told her, "Hey Jess, we're sorry. Will you forgive us for what we did? Me and mom will never fight again. We promise you.

Jess replied, "that's okay I know you both will be fine."

"Ahaa! and how do you know that and why are you always keeping that dreamcatcher with you?"

"Mom told me this can catch bad dreams. I always used to feel I'm living in a dream, my dream. Cuz, dad told me fairy tales will happen only in dreams and I want them to happen now. But you and mom had bad dreams, your fairy tale had bogeyman in it. I wanted to get rid of it. So this dreamcatcher will help me to catch them and bogeyman can't get to you. You won't fight again. Dreams can stay alive until you believe in it, So I don't believe in bad dreams.

"Wow! Jess who told you that?"

"Grandma told me."

Mom and dad were giving hugs and kisses to Jess. Jess replied, "Eew, I don't like that. That's gross." They returned home and the next day Jess was attending her online class and she told her teacher, "Teacher! my parents aren't fighting anymore, cuz I used this dreamcatcher to catch bad dreams from their heads, now bogeyman isn't here." Everyone laughed. That dream catcher was there still in her hand with a proud smile, almost like a guardian from a fairy tale. Remember;

"Dreams can only stay alive until you believe in them and always believe in good. Cuz you are living in a dream, your dream, and who knows, even fairy tales can come true if you believe in them"

- John Samuvel


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