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Ends Justify The Means?

This declaration manifests self-seeking, egotism and desire for those who firmly believe in materialism. We are in the era of merciless vying where each one of us is longing for potentiality and acquisition without considering anyone's agony. The objectives must be gratified forcibly or voluntarily. This world brimming with swindlers and treacherers exhibit power, perils and menace; however, we all are at times expected to be a part of this.

There can be endless precedents. When bribe is offered by any common man to an officer, so that he can get rid of the plights. This place can be a traffic signal or a government corporation. We are invariably ready to pay the price having said that we are the ones grumbling. It's believed that if the upshots are good then means don't matter. Businesses are run on making advantages, hence the journey is not significantly important. Although, many unscrupulous and detrimental commodities are propagated by media and big firms, they rule the market and consumers remain vulnerable. Absolute business and marketing strategies emphasize on encapsulating the buyers. Their ends have to be pleased therefore the consequences are not at all imperative. Efficacy of the product should not be measured on the demands but the outcomes it may have. Moreover, the results must be calculated fairly if the means involved are virtuous. Unjust modes can bring forth momentary benefits but in the long run it would be the greatest cause of annihilation. War at any cost can't be justified since it results in distress, bloodshed and agony.

The aftershocks are always precarious, nevertheless, the battle of Independence was fought with great valor and numberless Patriots became martyrs. It was the need of the hour. Even though humanity was put to test over and over again, and after a violent combat we won, still we have been grappling with the bane of 'Division of our Motherland.' Politics is an epitome in this respect where emotions, care, affection don't have existence, it firmly runs on 'Ends Justify the Means.' Confronting a battle with a noble cause and to preserve the human race can be acknowledged. Individuals with sleepless nights and restless brains are the ones who have been hankering after fleeting delights. At last a quote by Leon Trotsky;

"The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end!"

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