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You talk about love, but your means differ. You talk about faith, but your beliefs are different. You talk about beauty, but your perspective is different. There are billions of people in the world and innumerable viewpoints. But, our perspective should not defy someone's origin. We, human beings though being same, have acquired differences on the basis of our response towards life. Our character and behaviour has made us distinct and so we are unique in our origin.

If, I ask you to define 'beauty' in what way and how will you define it? Webster defines beauty as- the quality or aggregate of qualities of a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind of spirit. It does not only bound to the surface, the real beauty lies within. Beauty doesn't mean putting on makeup or applying skincare routines or to catch the eyes of strangers. There are wholesome point of view in which beauty can be defined. But, a lot more time when it comes to Beauty, people take physical appearance as a priority and with time, it became a trend to find someone beautiful on the basis of how do they look.

Social media has skyrocketed it's influence in our lives to the extent that we have forgotten our origin. We are immersed on ocean of glamour and beauty, which has totally altered the meaning of it. We, as a society have failed to uplift each other, rather we dwelled ourselves into the sublime being, in rush of fame. We have foolishly acquired the nature of puppets, a puppet of social media, where perfection and being flawless is all put up; high forgetting that 'universe doesn't allow perfection.' Life is simple if we strive to be our own kind and not try to fit in other's persona of life. In the world where being Savage is cool and having  ethos is out of trend. Do not get fooled by the fallacious world of perfection.

In context to this, some state that beauty is confidence, but only as far as it is upto your convenience.  Adding to it, putting makeup and wearing outfits which make you comfortable is scent percent acceptable. If hiding your acne mark gives you confidence or carrying an attire makes you feel comfortable, it's okay! But in between this we forget that one should never be fooled by this, because first we should be a Good Human with values. These all things are worldly, but your character is spiritual and should be pure.

The half-clad boy/girl isn't what you call beauty or a guy with great biceps, either with zero intellect are surely losing it. But the person with great character, soft tone, tenderness and care in heart surely wins the tag. The way you talk is beauty, the way you make others feel is beauty. Beauty lies in your soul, in your heart. Let us tie a knot that being kind, lovable, showing ethics and carrying good character is way brilliant than anything. Make your spirit beautiful by acquiring some ethics in life. Try to be a better human being.

"Good character is more to be praised than outstanding talent. Most talents are, too some extent, a gift. A good character by contrast, is not given to us. We have to build it piece by piece- by thought, choice, courage, and determination!"

-Mariyam Khan


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