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Image by Leo Chane

Existence. Demise. Existence. Forever.

People try to be comic for a while,

But I laugh because he claims I make him smile.

Cause' I know he always tells these lyrical lies,

Like stealing stars for me from the skies.

He says his love is undying,

But for it, he is too short lived.

Even more short lived are the promises.

He will soon want these moments unlived.

He relishes my beauty.

Oh lord! Tell him this too is fugacious.

He believes in forever, he believes in poetry,

Tell him all this is fallacious.

O! Tell him forever does exist.

But also, forever can’t be lived through.

Does he not know the mountains will collapse?

Has he never read the true?

Tell him this will fade;

His poems and his love.

He will live better if he had prayed,

In a place much better, above.

This period of existence is not to be cherished for long.

End is when you’ll wake up to the trumpet instead of a balmy bird song.

He knows much poetry,

I believe he knows the heaven.

He just keeps lying to me and himself,

Since, he thinks there’s time to deaden.

Time! Ah! It's altogether an interesting forever.

Each moment lived, in the next, feels like never.

He denies eternity, he believes forever is on earth.

But he does believe destiny is tied since birth.

His beliefs are in pieces.

Tell him, this isn’t a poetry I write.

Tell him, there is less time to live,

But there’s always time to make it right.

Yes, there is an existence after death.