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Falling In Love Or Friendship?

Aahh! The joy in falling for a friendship.

Dear Pawan,

I wish I could enrich this sketches with the names of all those who have ministered to my happiness. Being a gregarious person and a lover of serendipity, I would treasure the relationship of all my friends in the literature of my life. A person who gets infatuated with worldly stuffs and humans basically can describe the feel of falling for a friendship.

Oh wait! Do not confuse this with love. When I say I have fallen for friendship, I don't mean to say that I am hitting on a girl or a boy. It's just a soothing to and fro of the waves of my feelings. Have you ever been deeply attached to someone but yet find the comfort of a friend in them? Yes it happens and it's natural .

Listen Pawan,

I feel for you because in you I found an embodiment of love and charisma that was needed to satisfy my gusto. After the trials with the fake friends I quenched my thirst of honesty and loyalty when I found you. The departure of my dearest goodies made me glum like a tooth decay but it was your presence that kindled the warmth of "togetherness forever in me!"

I am attached to you not because your an opposite gender but because you have been a ruby that anyone wishes for. I don't wish to get hitched to you, neither do you, isn't it? We aren't couples! We are best friends who would sail on forever.

Yes, the days are dull when I don't talk to you, when I don't receive your message the sleepless nights irks me up. The joy in talking to you is way to unparalleled. But again we should keep mentioning that we aren't couples; but Best friends! Why just you I even have my girl besties who give the same feeling. I love talking to them always. And this isn't easy to explain. There is a separate excitement, rising pulsations and a deep frenzy in being attached to a friend.

On this note let me clear one thing. I do have a lot of friends but not all mean the same. Not everyone thrill me like a fine poem. And again only few add on to the melody of my music. And they are the ones who are meant forever.

Guess what?

This is the joy in falling for a friend. This is the feel of a friendship.

In 1000 ways the happiness you get in mocking and abusing your friends cannot be found anywhere.

"Send them 'I Love You' with a 100 hearts everyday yet they will remain as best friends and not soulmates!"

-Lavanya Venugopal


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