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Feeling low: drain your emotions on the paper!

Updated: May 18, 2020

Humans are a sum of emotions. You express what you feel, which sets up this problem for most of us. A famous quote said, “It’s not the glass of water that hurts, it’s the duration that we hold it for that creates pain in our hand.” Similarly holding on our negative emotions for too long leaves a lasting pain in our heart which makes us feel low and unmotivated. Sometimes the duration for which we hold these bitter memories becomes so long that it starts to affect our mental wellness and eventually comes out in the form of depression, loneliness or even frustration. A frustrated person is not able to focus on the task at hand and is always lost on his bitter memories which he feels he can share with no one around. Life coaches and psychoanalysts suggest that if you have no one you can share your problems or emotions with, you can simply share it with your self-introspection, by writing your entire problem on a sheet of paper. This is the best way to feel light and burden-free. People who have achieved the highest successes in their life have always practiced journaling in their life. Journaling simply means to express your emotions on a sheet of paper just like self-talking and it has always helped stay happy, energized and fulfilled, because they too believe in the power of emotions we hold, they can make or break us.

Mahatma Gandhi described in his autobiography that whenever he found himself in a dilemma and didn’t know what decision to make, he always spent some time in reflection and wrote the entire incident in his diary. He elaborates that most of the time writing helped him develop a clear mindset and get rid of all the doubts about the consequences of his decision. Oprah Winfrey is a distinct believer in gratitude journaling. She never forgets to mention her practice of everyday writing a page about the things that are in her life that she is grateful for. She says, “if I can’t be grateful and happy for what I have, I can never manifest what I want.” She further adds that journaling has also helped her realize her mistakes and what steps she can take to improve her behavior towards others. She describes that since a very young age she had a habit of journaling and whenever she found herself in an argument with someone, she used to write the whole incident four to five times in her diary and most of the time she discovered that in a certain situation she was to be blamed for handling things wrongly, which helped her stay careful in future. Mel Robbins, one of the world’s most successful professional optimists describes that she can’t end her day without reflecting upon the events throughout the day in her journal.

So, journaling is but one habit that is common between all history-makers. Keeping a daily journal has not only changed their life- but it also saved it! We humans are slaves of our emotions, for they impact us so significantly. This makes it super-important to drain our emotions. Journaling is perhaps the best way to drain, even the worst of our emotions on a piece of paper.

Groundbreaking research on elite performance and ultra-achievement is now confirming that keeping a journal boosts mental focus, increases self- esteem and elevates your overall level of happiness and excitement. Pick up your pen and start today- Happy Journaling!

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