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Finally, It's Time We Celebrate Christmas.

London Heathrow, Dec 25, 2020, 6 AM :

The weather was perfect. The snow that fell last day was started melting away when the morning sun came up. "Jingle bells" was playing at the airport. Everyone was waiting to celebrate Christmas. A flight from Chennai to New Orleans had to land at London which is connecting that route. There were 154 passengers and 6 crew members. Captain of that flight made contact with the control tower saying, "London Heathrow, This is flight BA2490 requesting permission for landing on runway 10."

"Control tower replied, Flight BA2490," permission granted for landing.

"Passengers, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing. Your connecting flight to New Orleans will depart from London Heathrow in the next six hours," Captain informed.

There were two strangers, wearing worker's uniforms, near the flight which was supposed to take off in six hours to New Orleans.

"Did you set the timer, Sam?"

"Yes, Peter, It will go off at 12.15 PM, six hours from now."

"We are so close to achieving our dream. After this, the whole world will have nothing but to listen to our demands. We will have freedom after 70 years of struggle we faced from this so-called government and society. It is going to be the best Christmas in the whole history of humankind."

Chennai, Military Hospital, Dec 25, 2020, 11:00 AM :

Indian army had a place far from the city limits where they kept all the people involved in terrorist attacks. They used that place as a hospital to recover the injured terrorists as well as interrogation units. It had nurses, caretakers and guards who had that whole place under their control. They had medical facilities and there was always nurses who worked on shifts. "Hey Darlene, How did you manage to come early? I heard that the traffic was worse."

"Yes, Gautham, I booked a cab and used the shortcut near that temple."

"Oh, that's cool."

"So, How is Sam doing today?"

"Nothing much, what can we expect from a patient who is in a coma for the past five years and shows no improvement. I don't have any hope that he will recover."

"Yes, I don't get it. Why a terrorist like him need to be kept alive for all these years?"

"I don't know, but, I think, he has something that our military wants. Until they get that information, he will be here. We must look after him."

"You can leave Gautham, I will take it from here."

"Okay Darlene, see you in the evening."

After completing her usual rounds, Darlene was reading a book and sat on the corner next to Sam's room. There was a crashing sound from his room, and a man was yelling, "What am I doing here?"

She was moving to that room slowly, taking a rod in her hand, her heartbeat rising. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, Sam was there, sitting, hands on his head, repeating the words, "I shouldn't be here. Which day is it?"

Darlene was trying to calm him down. But, he was repeating the same words again and again.

"Where am I? Who are you?"

"I am Darlene, I am the one who is treating you for the past five years. You were in a coma. I couldn't believe that you are up. Let me inform this to the department."

"What 5 years? I was in London 5 mins ago."

"What? No way. You were here, all along. Let me take a look at you, then I will call my supervisors."

"Darlene, please don't. Hear me out, okay. Something wrong is going to happen. I have a weird feeling. I am seeing images of an airport."

"That is crazy, You are just dizzy that's it. You will be fine."

"Today Dec 25th right? There is a flight landed at London Heathrow which is a connecting airport that joins the British Airways flight which is going to New Orleans from Chennai."

"I know there is a flight. My mom is also there on that flight. But you are a little too bright for a person who woke up from a coma after five years. I will give you that."

"I know. But, If you don't listen to me, 154 people, are gonna die, including your mom."

"What? I am not gonna believe you. Nothing you say makes sense. Even If there is something wrong with that flight. How did you know that? You are a patient, you need help."

"There is a bomb which is set to go off at 05:30 PM, 6 hours from now. Please check the information about that flight then you will find out whether it is true or not?"

Darlene called Chennai Airport and confirmed that a British Airways flight has been landed in London and passengers are waiting for the connecting flight to New Orleans.

"Please call your mom. I can prove that it's true. Ask her, is she able to see two men, wearing workers cloth, coming into the airport? Tell her to call those two people for help. One of that person's name is Sam, and the other one's name is Peter. Tell her to call them by their name and ask them when the alarm will ring."

"What? I am not doing that."

"Ahhh...My head hurts...

Please do this now. We don't have time. "

Darlene called her mom.

"Hello mom, how was the flight?"

"It was good, I am in London now. Next flight is in 6 hours."

"Okay, mom if you don't mind me asking. Are you able to see two people near your boarding area, wearing a worker's dress? "

"Yes, I can see them."

"Can you just call them?"

"Why dear? I am feeling weird."

"Please, mom, I have a query, they can help."

"Okay, dear, I am going."

Mom walked towards them and said,

"Hello, My daughter wants to ask you about something. Can you two gentlemen help? She is worried about me that I am taking this trip alone."


"My name is Denna."

"Oh, okay. My name is Peter. I can help, no problem."

Darlene was in shock after hearing his name. When Peter answered the phone, Darlene couldn't say anything. She gathered all the might she had in and asked, "When the alarm will ring?"

Peter didn't say anything, there was a silence.

Denna asked, "is my daughter troubling you?"

"Not at all mam, She just told us to check in your packages for you. Can you please come with me?"

Peter asked, "How did you know this much? and He disconnected the call."

Darlene threw her phone away and started crying.

"What happened?" Sam asked.

"They took my mom. Why did you do this to me? You already knew that they are gonna take away my mom, aren't you? Who are you? and how did you know all of this? If something happens to my mom, I will kill you."

"Nothing will happen to her."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because it is my mission."

"What? "

"This is my mission, and I am the one who planted that bomb in that flight five minutes ago."