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Have you heard about fireflies? Yes, the ones that glow in the dark!

But have you ever thought how much you can learn from it? Let's talk about all the four stages of it's life-cycle;

Stage one is the embryonic stage;

Remember, when you were a toddler, (beautiful days! weren't they?) and required your parents at each and every step. Their love is unconditional, but you know what, even the fireflies need their parents to place them in the right place. They need moist soil to grow and hatch properly. Just as your parents have brought you up and placed you where you were supposed to be. Now, it's your duty to grow and flourish! But you know when the eggs are placed there are hundreds of eggs at the same place. They have to fight to sustain on their own just like you have to.

Stage two is the larva stage;

It is the stage when the firefly is like all the other beetles, but the only thing that differentiates it, is it's glow. It's known as a "Glowworm." Same goes with you; you are here in a crowd but there's always that one factor which makes you, 'You.' This 'you' factor makes you glow and makes you shine. That one factor is what differentiates you from the others. Never loose that one factor due to any circumstance, person or desire. Nothing is more important than you. Don't lose your worth for anyone because a firefly without it's glow is just a beetle. Keep smiling and shining! Never let your glow fade.

Stage third is the stage of pupation;

In this stage, the larva has to attach itself to a tree and then the larva breaks down totally and a remarkable transformation occurs which converts the larva to the adult form. Similar is the case with you, you are currently in the state of pupation. You have to choose your tree that is your true passion wisely, attach yourself to it, and then go through all the ups and downs of life with courage. If a Glowworm doesn't break down its whole body, it never grows to its adult form. Similarly, if you don't go through all the pain and stress you're going through, you would never know how to take mature decisions in future. To gain maturity, you have to break and then transform.

In the end, remember;

"And then finally you're there,

You glow every time you want,

You shine in the dark,

You help others find their path,

You become a ray of hope,

Like a firefly!"

-Aadya Srivastatva


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