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Forest Bathing At The Left, Politically Incorrect Relationship On The Right!

In an era where the world could end up in World War III for deciding whether it should be spelled as “colour” or “color,” I am in the middle of a heated political argument with my soulmate and have ruined my otherwise relaxed Sunday.

10am I am sure we are going to take a divorce for this politically incorrect argument has intensified and none of us is ready to listen ill about our preferred parties. I am the so-called ‘right’ inclined individual, and she is the opp ‘left’ person and our argument has crawled all the way from some ‘Modis’ to some ‘Gandhis’ to some ‘Tharoors’ to some ‘Banerjees’ to some ‘Yadavs,’ and I don’t remember but quite a few more. The last thing we said to each other was to regret for the biggest mistake of our life- dating such a brainless person who doesn’t know anything! Post that we get busy being busy to avoid the irrational person each one of us was living with (although it’s just the two of us in the house).

11am I am up with my newspaper in my hand, the last refuge of my mood, and interestingly discover a headline, “Fix your toxic relationship with Forest Bathing!” The article claimed studies prove the excess of ‘green’ color in forests is very effective in shifting perceptions and especially for couples “green atmosphere and rustling of leaves gives a rush of excitement!” Forest bathing (initially I was also quite confused but then I discovered it simply meant spending a few hours in the wild, detoxifying the over-rational mind) reminds couples of their sweet memories and how they realized the other was the right choice to spend life with. Forget the differences, embrace their days of newly found love. It can ease our stress and worry, help us to relax and to think more clearly. Being in the forest can restore our mood, give us back our energy and vitality, refresh and rejuvenate us.

11:20am Don’t know about my partner, but I immediately got excited for I found something which could postpone our divorce which was very much intuitive to happen. Rushed to my mate and made her read the lines as she smiled unwillingly while doing the same. Going through the lines together we stared at each other wittingly and reflected on the thought, “what a rationally irrational topic we were fighting on, which almost made us forget that we accepted the other because of the boundless feel he/she has for us. How can a super-nonsensical argument shake the foundation of our relationship? Can’t we accept the politically incorrect opinions of the other the way we accepted our different choices?"

This trend of taking politics way too seriously must not dominate the society. Politics was always an inseparable part of our life for years but now it has taken a wild avatar, which is making people more bitter than the most bitter Bitter Gourd (hindi, Karela) in the world. What can be more unfortunate than millennials seeing each other through an angle of political views, failing to see beyond that filter how beautiful their bond can be?

It’s no surprise that intolerance has reached another benchmark and has taken a heavy toll on individuals. Politics must remain the undercurrent of our lives and must never come out as mainstream or else its tide can damage the most beautiful castle of bonds between people.

12am I thought how the problem would be solved if people would be sent in batches to forest bathing. Don’t know about the population surge or even same-sex couples but at least we can win over the opinion difference problem, which is otherwise of stubborn nature. Well I am for sure approving the idea of Forest Bathing on the 'left' column of my TOI despite being obsessed to approve the 'right.'

-Shreyash Sharma


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