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Not even a goodbye,

And you left,

Was it necessary?

If yes, than why?

I still can't bear the pain.

They say you'll get better with time,

And everytime I think of,

The moments Spent with you,

It Rips off my soul apart.

We weren't meant to end up like this,

You knew that, I knew that.

The void you left,

Is not the one to be filled,

Before leaving haven't you thought,

How I will survive?

You knew I have no one,

Still you left.

Oh, your journey was important,

May be...

The mornings which you made happy,

Are no longer the same.

Oh, they tell me,

Not to write for you,

But you were the ink to my pen,

Still are..

I still hear your voice in my head,

I still feel you in my talks,

Than why can't you come,

Why I can no longer pour my heart to you.

Why this misery?

Why you left?

I am as broken as,

The broken rhyme of this poem.

I still remember how they all mourned,

I still remember how you lied there,

As you found the peace,

Yes, your fight was over.

You know memories brings back you,

But how good it would be,

If you would be here with me,

And not only in my talks.

How good it would be,

If I could hug you happily,

And not a pillow with tears.

It's been years since you left,

Leaving me alone,

To sail the boat to the shore.

I do not know whether,

I can make it to there,

Or just sit and let pass this storm of sadness.

Though I know it's forever,

I may not make effort,

But the winds may surely do.

I don't get to say a goodbye!

Cause I know we were meant to be Forever,

And not only for a while.

As broken as this poem,

I am waiting for you,

Just for a moment to say Goodbye!

-Mariyam Khan


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