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Highway Love!

I've been traveling, no, racing in this highway for a long time, pushing myself with my self-ego that

I forgot it's supposed to be an adventure, not a race.

I'm realizing, how much I've grown but, I should've known, one shouldn't poison himself to be kept in this race that is gonna deteriorate his soul.

It's crazy, how I'm stupid enough to think that I can taste every flavor this world has to offer and rush through my destiny, but I couldn't even remember what yesterday tasted like.

How can I not remember it if I loved it? What kind of love lasts just a day?

So much for traveling on this highway, that's highway love.

I swiped right, she swiped left, and we found each other who is gonna spend the rest of their lives together. Nah, just a week. That's highway love.

Paths became shortcuts, bribes became ammunition to shoot legal processes, a day's match became 20-20, food became fast food. We always say I don't have enough fuel to sustain here. I need to be at the top of empire state building, talking business with God. That's highway love.

Did you notice? It was summer a minute ago but now its winter, maybe it will rain too.

Cuz they say seasons change and people come and go, is it true? Weather isn't Maggie to change within 2 minutes, but people are. That's highway love.

Instant results we seek will hit like paper cuts, which will ruin the great and rather enviable adventure that challenges us to hold on to what we love. We will be bleeding without even knowing. That's highway love.

Life is short, I get it, that doesn't mean your love for the things of this world has to be short too. Love something which helps you to discover yourself. Love, to the point where you can never forget it. Now, that isn't highway love.

- John Samuvel