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History Reiterates Us...

It's too common an opinion to hear from students about the recklessness and impracticality of studying history. They are overwhelmed by the textuality of its, categorizing it as a subject of shear rote learning, though, is it really the absolute way of its portrayal?

The progression of the human civilization is a counter part of the evolution of the universe. For instance; knowing the answer to a question doesn't solve the problem at all, knowing the path to reach their does. While having the access to all the knowledge sheltered by humanity at this instant, won't get you far in understanding the future of the universe. The humongous path of the world through time in the future can not be speculated with the knowledge of a dimensionless point. A blueprint of the world through time is mandatory.

Their is a weird but fascinating beauty in the history of humanity. It gives you an insight of a time, which, if imagined, can stop your heart from beating by its thrill. While making speculations of the past, the creativity of the human mind shows up. The only raw material you have to fetch are the relics of the past and that's it! It's a free will and wise intellect of yours that allows you to setup your very own city, perhaps, a signature city imagined by you, which might have existed in the past as it is, consolidating you imaginative speculation. Surprisingly, I don't find history to be too textual. Okay, maybe it is. But don't you find it fun reading novels, understanding a brand new realm on its own. History is the opportunity to be as free as it is possible, until logic is defied, obviously.

The human nature is unlikely to be understood by the knowledge of just one lifetime, but the worry withers away when you, "spread your hands towards history, you get the privilege of having a chance of experiencing another lifetime, and yet another, and another. It's breathtaking to visualize the wisdom of infinite lifetimes captured within ink and paper."

Here we stand, tall and strong, with petty flaws and witty intellect to correct it, but, what drove us here, was our history. It would be a mere nightmare to think of forgetting our history. Humankind loses its trajectory toward future, the day it starts rejecting it's history behind the curtains of over-ambition and pseudo-progressiveness. The room within which humanity lives has history as its floor, and without it, well, inexistence would prevail.

"Does a point have any dimension? So does our present."

-Devansh Dhar Dwivedi.


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