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Image by Leo Chane

Honeyed Frustration

Pardon my confusion and my hesitation in asking, but I can no longer put off your unmasking. I know we are drilled into honoring our society’s reps, yet I refuse to follow in the fools’ steps. Plus, someone ought to publicize the alluring soul behind the mask. I know, what an unnerving task. So go on, grant us a sneak peek. There is more here than meets the eye.

I wonder if the frustrations box you in this condition? Or is it a matter of permission? Are you daydreaming of getting the critics blessing? Tell me. Is the need to break free pressing? All your life, you were living a binding lie. You made a vow a thousand nights ago to make-believe for a little while. You presumed that this was a temporary solution, but somehow your little while turned into aeons. Look at you taking “fake it till you make it” to your grave. You are doing the faking quite well. I must say, but you neglected the making. Don’t give in to the tendency of being a forgotten echo. Do not present them a primitive edition of “life after death”. You have postponed solving the puzzle far too long. Let me help you work your way out of this muzzle.

I want you to dare. Dare to step out of this labelled box. Part the curtains and lookout. You belong outside. Scatter your neatly folded ambitions. Pick up your favorite and let it mend your broken heart. As long as it scares you, it is worth departing from your comfort zone. Toss your phone along with your speculations aside. Fill in the unfulfilled yearnings gap. Let's plan the when? Your future self is asking you for a date. Romanticize your future in the right way. Conceive a better tomorrow. Explore an option or two. Perhaps what you wish for is your fate. You already had your share of the pain, and you have paid the price. Can you hear your shadows crying tears of joy? They have been looking forward to seeing you evolve. They weren’t used to this genre of yours. Do not await the inevitable; bring the inevitable to you. Persuade your curiosity to direct your energy.

I’m sure the universe will provide assistance. It approves of your persistence. Be proud of your frustration. They shed light on your current situation. There aren't enough answers in this hell, and the critics aren’t fans of sharing, especially the rebels. They shoot them at sight. They do not welcome their light. There isn’t enough faith to spare. The balance of the universe is unfair. Is this why angels choose to fall? Or are they treated as attention seekers? It is a long journey, but you don’t mind ending up alone. You believe in a beautiful concept. You would rather be buried among strangers than be buried with people you wish were strangers.

"Let the bitter memories have their moment; the sweet days will emerge."

Eternal allegiance and goodwill,

-Samar Mirghani