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Image by Leo Chane

I Am Thinking Of You While Listening 'Baarishein'

It was 2 AM last night when my playlist stuck the song “Baarishein” by Anuv Jain, while I was doing some work. No wonder why my mind impulsively rewinds the time we spent together on that rainy day. I’m still in awe how rapidly this song works on me since after that day. I guess we all accept the fact that this song has something that calms down the storm in us, unfolding a new string of emotions in each line, it’s like the blanket that provides warmth on a rainy day, it’s like honey dripping on chapped lips. This song feels like a hug from you.

It's Our Song!

// हौले से,धीमे से मुझको बाहों मे भरलो न तुम। नर्म सी, सांसों में, मुझको आहों मे भर्लो न तुम।//

Every time I hear this song, I am reminded of how you came up to me and gently squeezed me in your arms. How can I forget the warmth of that hug! It is a song that makes me feel closer to you. It reminds me of how it feels to be so close to you, the soothing warmth of your breath makes my heart race and calm both at the same time.

//तेरी ही बातों पे मैंने सज़ा ली है दुनिया यहाँ दिल की दरमियाँ, बारिशें हैं बारिशें।//

It felt really beautiful when we talked about our feelings with rain and this song accompanying us. Felt like this is all I want, like my world revolves just around you. The surge of emotions within me made it so clear to me how my entire world appears to be more beautiful because I have you in my


//तुम जैसी हो, बस वैसी ही रहो।//

And when you looked into my eyes with all that love, tucking my hair behind my ear and said this line along with the song, everything felt so apt and true. Realizing that you accept me the way I am, with all my flaws and insecurities made me feel like I am the luckiest and the happiest to be with you.

//अब तेरे बिना यहाँ मेरी साँसे, जैसे बिना निन्दिया की रातें हैं तो। और तू ही मेरे दिल की रज़ा है, तेरे बिना दिल भी ख़फा है तो।//

These lines explained us the beauty of togetherness, the beauty of that moment and even the pain of separation we had before. When I am with you even after so long, it still feels so beautiful and comfortable but the moment you leave, I feel incomplete. This heart is not ready to get separated from you, this heart wants you now and forever and this heart gets sad when you aren’t round.