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Image by Leo Chane

I Like Me Better When I'm With You!

When love arrives, it brings with itself nothing but an empty hand and the hope that you will hold it forever. The time is passing away so swiftly and here I am falling for you more and more with each passing day. I wasn’t a fan of cheesy texts but the one coming from you brings such a stupid smile on my face ! It actually feels so cute! Listening to your entire day hassles and to your voice that longs to meet and be with me, soothes my soul. It feels so mild and tranquilizing, how just one hug from you covers up all the distance between us. It’s crazy how everything around us freezes when we look at each other with some stupid emotions (people call as love). In our eyes. I can’t lie to you about how I feel when you come close to me and every nerve inside me shoots and make me weak at my knees. I feel as if there’s no greater pleasure than being with you and loving you. I just can’t explain how it feels being beside you. It’s so strange, how fast my heart races when you hold my hand and tell me that you love me. It literally feels the best when you act possessive of me. I feel like even if I’ll be lost in a crowded place amongst some unknown faces, you will still come and find me and I’ll do the same for you too ! I love doing every possible thing to be with you. I could give up anything lavish to be with you in every raw moment of our togetherness. The more that I know you, the more I want to! I love trips but while everyone around me tells me to plan a solo trip, it’s kind of hard to explain how I wish to be with you on each trip I go to. I wish to look at the most wonderful things of the world with you and then realize how even those wonderful things don’t match the beauty you have in my eyes will stop the moment I see you, I feel like you are the best thing that has ever happened to me!

When love comes into your life, it does seem worthy of all your efforts and of course worthy enough to write poems or sonnets for it. It is sometimes so startling how you have that kind of control over my emotions. You have the bar of awakening my emotions without as much doing a thing. You know by just Existing In My Life! It is strange how it feels beautiful when we just waste us doing nothing but soaking in each others nonsense talks. It feels so restful when the evening falls and we walk beside each other holding hands in the whisper of dry leaves. It feels so adorable when my cold palms Cradle your soft face and it gives us a moment of sweet smile. If perfection demands repetition of sincere hard work, then I wish to work the hardest. If I have to write definition about love then gazing at your eyes without getting distracted will convey it all. I’m all for being a strong individual. To let you be the icing on my cake, I’ve baked alone.

Yet I wish to blend my life with you to get it a better flavor, I know would taste like forever!

-Vaishnavi Bajpai