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Image by Leo Chane

I'll Be There For You...

Depression, anxiety, loneliness and heartbreak. We all hear these words and almost read it on social media. And so far we can relate it with us. Even if it is a small wave of sadness we consider ourselves stuck amidst the chaos and directly or indirectly come to the point that we are depressed or lonely. But before you find yourself in between this, take time to interrogate the problem, come to the cause and then counteract it. If you are a person who can't handle small things, then let go of the things and don't think too much about it. Stay happy and believe that better days are waiting for you, you may not get things at the time you thought but have faith on the one created this whole universe, who is the master of all the things, know that he is hearing you, know that he is watching you, definitely the God has all better written for you. In this ocean of mankind there are people who can't pour their heart out. They are unable to communicate, they keep things in their heart and with every small and big problem their sadness comes out to be so depressing. And today I ask you to just take out some time and notice your loved ones and people around you, maybe someone is dealing with the harsh waves and are unable to reach out for help, though they are smiling but something or the other must be tearing them apart. Look after them, ask them again and again what is bothering. Maybe your small effort turns out to be the sunshine on a rainy day. And if they are not comfortable in sharing, tell them how important they are, make them happy even if it is for a minute. Your small act of kindness may turn out to be the life savior for another. Tell them 'I'll be there for you!'

In this era of social media, there are people who reach out to people for help in any possible way, like they put up stories or posts which you find are depressing or sad, ask them about it. Maybe they put up things so people notice them, ask them rather than making fun of it, just think for a moment what you think is ordinary may be pinching them hard. Listen to their heart, listen to their soul and do not comment upon their problem, if you have a solution go ahead and tell them, and if you don't have any just listen and make them feel wanted and loved. And tell them "I'll be there for you." Major problem arrives with the people dealing with trauma is, no one listens, everyone is there just to give opinions, keep your opinion aside, listen and help them.

Stop living in the world where you don't give fu*** about anyone rather start living in the world where you care for others. Let's agree to the point that we all depend on each other. We complete each other. 'Help others and help will come to you in every way.' Love others and you will be loved. Helping others in any way is an act of kindness, so do it without expecting anything in return because it's a deed rewarded by God and no worldly thing can suppress it.

But a small reminder, ..

Don't forget that you too are important, if you face any difficulty try to overcome it, if you feel depressed ask for help, reach out to people! Love yourself in every way. Everything takes time, just be gentle on yourself. Isolating yourself can be the solution but not every time. "Isolation is the worst possible counselor." There are people around you, your loved ones, don't keep things in your heart it will destroy your mental peace. IDK who needs to hear this but believe me your presence, your happiness matters to someone they may not say it but it really matters. Start unwrapping your heart and show love to others in any possible way. In your busy schedule take out five minutes for your loved ones, show them and tell them that you love them, sooner or later you will feel the difference. Take care of others and you will be taken care of! Believe me "the shimmer of new sun is waiting for you."

With all the love and Care,

-Mariyam Khan