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Image by Leo Chane

Inadequate Labels

You have lost the right to be called a man.

You have violated God’s plan.

We pronounce you a male.

You may not skip the bail.

What kind of a despicable being that hunts his daughter with a brick?

Has your mother checked if you are mentally sick?

You have lost your privilege to be called a father,

And we are not missing the fact that your wife couldn’t even bother.

We hereby declare you both guilty.

May you get sentenced to death by drowning in scorching tea.

It is quite sad that till today we are still losing our sisters to fake macho’s brutality.

It is even sadder that a mother has clearly lost her morality.

Lucifer himself wouldn’t convince her to disregard her daughter cries.

Aren’t mothers and daughters supposed to be allies?

Did she seriously sit tight,

And acted as if the current situation is alright?

Did she seriously took part in her tyrant's schemes?

How could she possibly give up on all of her daughter's sleepless nights knitting her dreams?

Delicate youth wasted by the double-edged knife.

The curse of being forced to live a mediocre life.

We can’t imagine the first time he held Ahlam in his embrace.

Did he foresee that he would involve that tiny hand wrapped around his finger in a cold-blooded murder case?

Can we please normalize legal sanity tests before conceiving innocent souls?

We still do not understand why in the world didn’t the wife take those birth controls?