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Image by Leo Chane

Instagram: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Continuing my not so good habit of doing everything at the last moment, I sat down to write my blog for this week, but soon discovered that I’ve run out of ideas. With all that’s going on this week in my life, I was freaked out (believe me when I say that), I was feeling like banging my head on the wall to force some idea out of it! Well, it’s pretty easy to say, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” but when you’re actually tangled in situations more complex than what Newton could have thought of, it’s hard to say you find any solution easily. But not to mention, we discover our true selves (braver than we’d imagined) in the darkest valley of life! So, I’d no option but to keep going! And bring you back to where I was, yeah, my desk, my PC (I meant laptop), the bright sunshine finding its way through my balcony, my coffee and me, all struggling to give me some idea to pour my thoughts on paper (I meant on my google docs).

Suddenly, some Instagram notification popped in my phone, I picked my phone and for a few minutes got lost scrolling, remembering how I came across this masterpiece of the social world. I still remember, in my first post I was standing in one of the very few and famous library cafes of my city, posing like a pro at reading, and getting the picture clicked for a portfolio for some of my past initiatives which closed earlier than it started. It also had a completely different story behind it! In some other picture, I am just with my life coach, assimilating the very elixir of life, through her words of wisdom. Every picture was reminiscent of some of the deeper parts of my memory, very close to my heart. I soon realized that this is the beauty of this platform, where every picture has a unique story to tell, only to those who are ready to probe deeper! It was fine. It’s good for me.

In all that glamour which it showed to me, gave me an insight into the life of people whom I really look up to, their achievements, their success, their perfectly manicured lifestyle, larger than life personality, everything which I craved for. But slowly, to my surprise, unconsciously only, I became reluctant towards such pictures because they were not showing me what toll success had on these people, what struggle they faced to reach where they are right now. I changed my mindset and stopped believing too much on the reel life even more when I realized that people often portrayed an entirely different selves on Instagram than their reality. They tried to fake their personality, and this was something bad, very bad.

Once scrolling through my screen, I noticed that one of my friend wrote sh** for some famous personality just because a kind of twitter war was going on between that celebrity and the one he liked. I was a little puzzled (because I find it weird to take sides and fight for someone who doesn’t even know me, nor do I know that person completely) when I noticed that within hours majority of the people started to waste their energy in fighting for their favorite celebs, speaking crap for each other! My mind literally blew-off when I started to notice that even the comment section of such celebrities was also filled with sheer nonsense, abuses, harassment, bullying, trolls and even threats. It was rather sarcastic why people were fighting even when they didn't know each other. Without knowing them in person they were doing a character assassination of others! This is the dirtiest blot on human consciousness and highest level of judgemental attitude. Well! This was against my conscientiousness. This was ugly!


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