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Intuition To Analysis

Life navigates through your mind, which projects life to a path it likes, more precisely, life is driven by the decisions you take. However, there are multiple ways to approach your decisions, two of which, being intuition and analysis. Though, which one is better for precision, is not too questionable if thought of. Intuition turns out to be the instincts you develop while you encounter problems, recognize your inaccuracies and work upon them, continuous, until the righteous answer becomes a reflex of yours. While it may be an amazing tool for mental agility for facing problems fairly similar to the previously solved ones, the loopholes in it still remains. The ultimate reason for its imperfections lies in its composition, which lacks basic logic and reasoning. Depending on your instincts, you may try to approach a problem in a way that's quite hilarious, completely because your past experiences interferes. A completely new confrontment starts seeming like the one you saw before and you take decisions that are dramatically reckless. Analysis on the contrary, trusts rationale and logic. It marches forwards carefully, watching the variations of the consequences of the decision being thought upon. You go on with intuition, make mistakes, but still not extract knowledge out of it without analysis. You keep repeating the same actions. You know, it's like a loop, where the gain in knowledge promotes analytical skills, which then grab for you some victories, further gaining for you some more experience, developing your intuition. Notice that the trigger point of the cycle is the very point of wisdom and shear intellect, and, without it a progress is far fetched.

Yet, there is a method by which the drawbacks of both of these phenomenons can be vanished by the fusion and incorporation of both of them within each other. While analysis may be damn slower than instincts but as you go on with them, again and again for a substantial amount of time, these 'calculations' get in the natural setup of your wisdom and your intuition adopts it, preserving its unmatched speed while attaining the accuracy and fineness of analysis. It looks quite essentially too theoretical but when worked upon, it is a skill worth of acquisition. We make decisions at every moment of our life, and once this concept is introduced in our life, you would start considering your brain redundant without them.

"Life is like a game of chess,intuition may bring you to the state of being mediocre,but excellence is achieved by the ones who analyse!"

-Devansh Dhar Dwivedi


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